Prosecutors: Jealousy Led To Bonacci Murder

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SCRANTON -- The murder suspect on trial now in Lackawanna County had something in common with the person he allegedly shot and killed last summer: investigators say they both dated the same woman.

She took the stand on Wednesday.

It was the second day of testimony in Jason Dominick's trial on first degree murder charges. Prosecutors spent most of it setting up their case that they believe Dominick killed Frank Bonacci because of jealousy over that woman they both dated.

Keri Tucker was the last witness to testify this afternoon.

Prosecutors went through dozens of text messages Jason Dominick sent his girlfriend last July that painted two very different pictures of the accused murderer.

Tucker had an on-again off-again relationship with Dominick and a brief relationship with Frank Bonacci last year. Tucker said Dominick was jealous of Bonacci.

Prosecutors went through dozens of text messages Dominick sent Tucker. They characterize them as aggressive, jealous, and accusatory before Frank Bonacci's disappearance.

After Bonacci went missing on July 20, Dominick's tone with Tucker changed. Tucker said they were trying to work things out. She told jurors she still loves Dominick saying "it's hard for me to see him doing this. It's hard for me to take it to this extreme."

Earlier in the day, jurors heard from one of the last people to see Bonacci alive and the first to see his accused killers after his death.

Brandon Emily testified that he was at a party with Bonacci last July. Emily said Bonacci shook his hand and said he would see him later.

Then Emily saw Bonacci walk away with Neil Pal and Jason Dominick. It was last time Frank Bonacci was seen alive.

Maribeth Castaldi testified that she got a call from Neil Pal and Jason Dominick the next morning who asked her to pick them up along Interstate 81 in Scranton near Roaring Brook where Bonacci's body was eventually found.

Prosecutors from the Lackawanna County district attorney's office expect to call witnesses for the rest of the week.

Dominick's attorney told us that when the defense takes over, Dominick will take the stand to tell his side of the story.

Neil Pal, the other man charged in the murder of Frank Bonacci, is scheduled to stand trial in June. Pal's attorney told us that he doesn't expect Pal to testify in this trial.


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    What kind of minds throw their lives away as well as take someone else’s over a relationship? Not to mention the ripple affect on the families? This has to be as stupid as it gets. NO one is worth that!

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