Child Falls From Window, Mother Facing Charges

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CARBONDALE -- A mother faces charges after her child fell from a third floor window.

A 4-year-old girl fell out of the window in Carbondale Wednesday afternoon and police believe it is the second day in the row that her mother left her unattended.

It happened at Summit Garden apartments near the high school in Carbondale. A screen from that third floor window was on the ground where police say the girl landed.

Investigators say shortly before 2 p.m. the child fell from the window and was taken to a hospital in Scranton for neck injuries. She was later transported to Geisinger Medical Center near Danville.Chelsie Elders with Endangerment BACKGROUND

The girl's mother, Chelsie Elders, will now face charges she endangered the welfare of children as well as reckless endangerment.

Neighbors say the child could be heard screaming in pain after the fall, saying her back, neck and stomach hurt.

Neighbors say they've worried about the girl and her younger sister for a while.

"One of her mom's friends was like, 'She just fell out the window.' I'm like 'What?' I looked out and she was there," said Naomie Bainbridge. "I can't even fathom it, that's ridiculous. She should have been watching her kids, and it shouldn't have happened."

"It's very scary. Hopefully the child is OK and safe."

This is the second day in a row police were called to complaints about Chelsie Elders and her children. Carbondale police say Tuesday the fall victim and her sister were running around the building where they live unattended and that their mother was asleep inside the apartment.


  • Mad In Hazleton

    WNEP TV reported today that the girl was in the bathroom when the kid fell out, and the lock was broken on the window………..

    Honey go out get yourself a lawyer, and sue who ever owns the housing project for negligence, and not keeping up the maintenance……….

    yep sue sue sue

    • mary

      wow im amazed ……what parent follows and wacthes their child every sencond of the day yyall sound rediculas she nededs a lawyer summit gardedns shoilde be sued along with hud for not provideing kid safe windows half of them locks on thed windows dont work

  • Brad

    Of course another low life welfare junkie not watching there kids. This just disgusts me. How could you let something like this happen to an innocent child? You are worthless. Just another scumbag making the good people of Carbondale look bad!

  • April

    She will probably just claim a mental illness & get away with it that is how people usually do it.

  • Brenda

    In 2011, this mother lost custody of her then 8 month old child to a BABYSITTER. Not to a relative, or to the baby’s dad, but to a person who BABYSAT the kid. The court rarely grants custody to a non-relative, so I think the fact that in this case they did really says a lot. Those children should be placed with a loving family who will keep them safe before something even worse happens.

  • t

    On ONE occasion my boys were playing up in their bedroom, pushed the screen out of the window and was yelling to the people walking on the sidewalk. Unfortunately I didnt think they would rip the screen to leave their windows unsafe but with kids anything is a possibility I guess. I thank GOD that in that little bit of time nothing worse happened. With this (almost heart attack scare) their windows now are locked at all times except when a fan goes in as well as the tabs being pulled out so they only go up a couple inches and we also rigged it so they cant be unlocked by kids. You can never be tooo safe. Also my kids did get dissaplined because they new it was wrong!!!!!!!

    • t

      Point is………Safety is important especially for kids and if you see a potentially hazardous situation………FIX IT FAST. Dont underestimate a child. They are smarter than you think.

  • Maureen Schoonover

    there should have been something like bars to prevent this…and if she wasnt watching her children the carbondale police should have done something about it the day before..this could have been prevented…hope that baby is ok…lord heal that poor lil baby and make her well…and give her to someone who really cares about children…and wants children and respects to have them…i also believe her other children need to be removed outof the home…for their safety..and she need to be accountable for this…

  • kerry

    Welcome to Carbondale projects let me guess the mom don’t work and lives on welfare and has everything handed to her

    • DE

      We all know that there is too much of that, however, what is a mother to do as far as work when her kids are too young to be home alone, altho given some of these stay at home moms the kids might as well be alone huh? If they cannot but find a minimum wage job which is not enought to pay even rent and bills never mind baby-sitters or child-care? Should they leave them with their uber-loser boy friends who don’t work and play video games all day and we know what happens to the kids there! Those guys have a habit of shaiking babies and beating kids who interrupt the video games! Until the governemnt redirects welfare money into education, training, and subsidied child-care; there is often no other recourse for these young mothers or any single mothers with young children. Birth control would’ve been a better plan I would guess! Going out of your way to have kids out of wedlock with no father in the picture to care for them or for you looks like intentions for living off the system. It’s not like birth control isn’t available! Being a conservative;I don’t endorse abortion(s), especially when used as birth control!

      • jp

        Maybe you should look into where your tax money goes. These mothers can get financial aid for child care, just like Section 8 housing so they can work and at least attempt to be productive members of society. This mom should be charged and her kids taken away. It should not be my responsibilty to pay for her kids, housing, food, etc. My wife and I went to college, do our best to raise our two kids, and be a productive members of society.

      • Cari

        Maybe you should look into just how hard it is to get help. You can’t just go and get Section 8. I tried for 11 years. ELEVEN. Most subsidized units have a long wait list as well. Childcare subsidy isn’t available everywhere either. I make $900 a month and don’t qualify here. I pay childcare out of pocket. I also can’t get medicaid because I make too much. I pay full price for housing. The only assistance I can get, because I work, are food stamps. Granted, that is here and not where this took place…I don’t have any idea what the government assistance is there, but at least for the housing part, its very very difficult to get help just about everywhere.

        Having said that, that doesn’t excuse someone from not watching their children. :/

  • Jim

    You do know that this picture is probably not her mug shot, right? Just because she’s accused of a crime and a picture is posted doesn’t mean it’s her mug shot.

  • Lauren Berger

    look at those windows no offance they DONT look safe. and i am scared for my kids with having windows all most like these where i live.
    (kids are kids) THEY CAN OPENING ANYTHING.
    this story needs to be looked at from all points FYI. Dont be quick to judge someone by where they live or what they look like…

    i have 3 kids from newborn to 5 1/2… sleep barely happens in my book. if your to tried ask a friend or family member to watch ur kids so u can get sleep or house work done. we have all bin over tried once or twice.

    hasnt anyone heard sleep when ur baby or kids sleep?
    she did some wrong but look at the whole story

      • mebe

        Knowing she got talked to the nightmare before one would think she would pay attention. Its obvious she doesn’t care another one where her kids are a paycheck and a free meal. Praying these children will be put somewhere safe and with a family that truly loves them.

    • Kelly

      For somebody whose kid is suffering in the hospital she doesn’t appear torn up in the least.

  • ic2manywords

    I know a mom who lost her toddler when he was hit by a train. She was breast feeding the youngest and he figured out their front gate for the very first time. She wabe looking for him frantically when he was hit. She lost the remaining four children and was charged with manslaughter. She wasn’t a bad mom, maybe overwhelmed. This woman’s sleeping patterns suggest mental health issues, physical issues, or substance abuse. I can’t imagine a SAHM being able to sleep through her kids. I couldn’t sleep through my kids when I worked, even on mandatory OT, or if I heard them up in the night.

    I wonder if this family can get the help they need. I had a stepson who was neglected, and it didn’t change him wanting to be with his mom, or stop him from loving her. He once told friends I was the only parent who ever loved him, but he still loved his birth parents, anyhow.

    • kerry

      Another thing where is children and youth since the news story says they were out at the house twice for abandonment reports

      • mastermind

        Children and youth are a dangerous organization and should be done way with or replaced with a caring, non-intrusive entity.

  • Your name here

    In her Facebook profile she claims to be a “stay at home mommy” If you’re a stay at home mom your kids shouldn’t be falling out of windows. Take these poor kids away before its too late.

    • Jenp

      I love that, stay at home mommy. No, it’s called I’m lazy and I’m going to work the system and do nothing all day, which includes taking care of her children. Stay at home mommies aren’t living off us taxpayers. That’s not her title.

  • K31

    It’s sad that CYS was called BEFORE this happened. Had they addressed that previous issues, this one could’ve been prevented. Don’t get me wrong, I blame the mother entirely for what happened. But we all know that monsters like her exist in the world. You can’t change the way people like think or act. If we could, the world would be at perfect peace. The thing we should be able to do when we notice an unfit/dangerous parent, is call CYS and trust that they’ll ensure the safety of the children. Unfortunately those caseworkers have rules and regulations they must follow. Obviously they can’t just remove children from their homes and parents for every call they receive. They pretty much can’t take major action until something big happens (aka when it’s too late). What they should do is look into each case thoroughly, whether it’s a big or small case. If CYS was called on her, they should’ve made an apt with her, along with a next day follow up apt. If that had taken place, this situation could’ve been prevented. We should be able to trust that these caseworks will pick up the slack that the children’s parents lack. After all that IS their JOB.

    • ryry

      Do you relies how many children live in this whole state? You want CPS to go to every report the next day? Your nuts. Her children where in the hallway. Not running around in the street.

    • jp

      Most CYS workers do care, more than anyone realizes. Unfortunately they only see snippets of someone’s life not the continuation of their behavior. If a CYS worker had to visit every one of these houses to baby sit mommy and the kids, the rest of us that pay taxes would be paying triple. It is simply not reality to expect CYS to be anywhere all the time. Most state agencies are already streched to thin to provide the services that are really needed. Thank Mr. Corbett!

  • Jonathan

    I’m curious where she was this time. I’m not saying she’s innocent, but no one here ever looks at the possibilities before throwing labels around. It’s possible yesterday that she went down for a nap with her kids, and they woke up before her? It’s not too far from reality. This time, what if the window screen wasn’t properly secured? I’d look to building management for that.

    All I’m saying is I’d like police to drug test her and investigate the whole situation. It doesn’t say who called 911 either. If she was there and the kid fell because the screen wasn’t properly secured, and she called 911, then in my opinion that’s all a person in that situation COULD do.

    On the other hand, if she didn’t call and wasn’t even aware or awake, then that’s a whole other situation and she deserves whatever happens.

    • Tabatha

      She lives across from me . and she had no idea her kids were out in the hallway the previous day and the cops were called. when she found them she absolutely flipped out on them and she had just woken up it was about 10am, and today when this happened was about 1:30 inthe afternoon and again she had just awoken she lets her children run the halls and from what I can see they were very neglected.

    • K31

      The neighbor at the end said that she saw the little girl on the ground. (I assume that must be before the mother did). They also stated that the 4 year old and younger sibling were roaming the building unnattended. A 4 yr old and an even younger child! It blows my mind that a 4 year old was running around alone but an even younger child as well?! They’re just babies!!! And I agree with you that it’s ok to nap when the kids are napping. I’ve napped while mine were napping before. I’d never stay asleep after my babies woke up though. That’s called neglecting your kids, sorry babies. That woman is a monster in my eyes. Had she watched her children like she should have been, it wouldn’t have happened. It’s that simple.

    • ryry

      That was the first thing I though when I seen this story! That company owns buildings all over the place, my cousin use to live in one of their buildings in Pottsville. And there, all the windows are screwed shut with clips so they only open enough to stuck your arm out. So its half managements fault too, a window three stories up, shouldn’t open, or only open so far. And they have a/c and heating units below the widows, so there is no need for the window being open really.

  • tired of nonsense like this

    I hope that child is ok and is put into a responsible home. Anyone can reproduce, but it takes ALOT more to parent. Looks like this one is good at reproducing and nothing else. Typical.

    • ryry

      She is being punished.
      ”…will now face charges she endangered the welfare of children as well as reckless endangerment…”


    why didnt the cops do summin yesterday to her and this could of had been omitted!… its a shame a poor baby suffers from someones elses mistakes

    • ryry

      You can’t really arrest someone for having their children running around in a hallway. If so everyone would be arrested. Thats just what kids do. They run the hell around!

  • Lisa

    They weren’t talking about how she looks. Duck face is where you pucker up your mouth. People post pictures constantly of themselves with duck faces.

  • lindal

    Lrk, what she did was horrible and should lose her kid’s and go to jail but to comment on what anyone looks is not right, looks have nothing to do with anything if that were the case the population would be very low. Just my opinion

  • Gem

    Why wasnt something done the first time this scumbag of a mother neglected her children??!! This absolutely sickens me. That poor little girl. I hope she is alright.. :(

    • ryry

      You can’t really arrest someone for having their children running around in a hallway. If so everyone would be arrested. Thats just what kids do. Every time i go out somewhere there is a kid that runs away from their mom, it takes her time to notice, and by that time the kids gone.

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