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Testimony Begins In Murder Trial

SCRANTON — The first witnesses testified in Lackawanna County in the Jason Domenick murder trial.

Testimony began Tuesday following opening statements at the Lackawanna County Courthouse.

Prosecutors say Frank Bonacci’s murder was about brotherhood, jealousy, and deceit.

But for the defense this trial is about convincing the jury that Jason Dominick did not shoot and kill Frank Bonacci.

It was a full courtroom as opening arguments began in the murder trial of Jason Dominick. Dominick was arrested last summer and charged with first degree murder for the death of Frank Bonacci of Dunmore in July.

During opening statements, prosecutors showed the jury pictures of the alleged crime scene near Roaring Brook in Scranton where they believe Dominick shot and killed Bonacci in his Jeep Liberty that was found 70 feet down a ravine.

The prosecution told the jury Dominick had a guilty conscience following the shooting. Cell phone records show that between July 20 and August 1 there were 70 calls between Dominick and Neil Pal with18 of those calls made the day of the shooting.

Bernie Brown, Dominick’s attorney, argued that there is no evidence that his client fired the shot that killed Bonacci. Instead he says his client felt threatened by Neil Pal who had a history of guns and firing them behind his parents’ home in Scranton.

The defense contends it was Pal who fired two shots at Bonacci, the first one missing, the second killing him.

The jury later heard testimony from witnesses including Bonacci’s mother Robin who said she tried calling her son for work that day.

In court she said “I called at 7, 7:10, 7:20 and there was no answer. And then I knew something was wrong.”

Two jurors were dismissed from the trial on Tuesday, one for family reasons, the other one for reasons we haven’t been told.

Testimony will continue Wednesday.


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