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Company Helps Family After Pet Donkey Dies

CLINTON TOWNSHIP — An Amish family in Lycoming County got a special delivery on Tuesday, about two weeks after a beloved family pet was shot and killed.

Folks from Express Energy Services in Clinton Township, near Montgomery, paid for a four-month-old miniature donkey for the family.

Last week, they learned that the local family’s miniature donkey, named Eeyore, was shot and killed.

Police charged three teenage boys with the crime. Those teens are also charged with destroying nearby mailboxes.

“I’m an animal lover and I initially said so we have to do something. So, I came to work and asked the guys at work to pitch in and got a hold of a donkey breeder and got it taken care of the same day,” said Beth Hoffman of Express Energy.

Express Energy Services is a company that provides services to gas drillers.

It is based in Clinton Township, not far from the Amish farm where the donkey was killed.

“I just don’t understand why they would do something like that. It just doesn’t make sense, you know,” said Michael Steele of Express Energy.

The workers raised $400 and the breeder pitched in the rest of the cost, plus the transportation from the farm in Bradford County.

“As soon as we saw it on the news, we knew that we wanted to do something and it wasn’t long and the phone was ringing and Express Energy wanted to do something and we said, well, we would make it work,” said Angie Sechrist of Sechrist Farms.

The Amish are traditionally private people and did not want Newswatch 16 at their farm when the donkey was delivered.

The folks who made the special delivery said it was a good feeling to do something for that family.

“I like helping others, especially our community, and people who really didn’t deserve it to happen to the family or the pet, so it’s really nice to help others out,” said Hoffman.


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