Inmate Accused of Touching Himself In Front of Two-Year-Old

jeffrey jackson mug

WEST BURLINGTON TOWNSHIP — A man and a woman both face charges after an incident at the Bradford County prison, according to state troopers.

State police said Carly Bert, 22, from Sayre was visiting Jeffrey Jackson, 27, in lock-up last week. Troopers said the woman brought her two-year-old daughter.

Officers said Jackson was caught touching himself with the little girl in the room.

The man and woman are charged with corruption of minors.


  • ok

    Wait why is the woman being charged too.. How is it her fault that guy “touched” himself in front of them…unless she knew about it and didn’t do anything about it?

  • DE

    what a couple of disgusting pigs! I hope the daughter was removed from her home! What kind of mother brings her 2 yr old daughter to prison to visit a man who isn’t even her father?

  • Ted

    The guy is locked up and needed to release his desires
    in front of his girlfriend. Granted, the toddler shouldn’t
    be there. Maybe she could have left the child with the
    guards while she helped him out. Its not asking for much.

  • Sara

    He should not even be allowed to have a visitor. Anyone that does any crime in anyway around a child should be given a 1 way ticket and it ain’t to Hawaii. I hope the guards turn there back while he is alone withother inmates….. POS

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