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Horse-Drawn Carriage Ban in NYC?

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SALEM TOWNSHIP -- Protesters in New York City have drawn attention to the horse-drawn carriages in Central Park.

They say the age-old tradition is inhumane and want the city's new mayor to ban the use of horses for carriage rides.

At Happy Trails Stables near Hamlin, a couple was at the end of a ride on horseback.

The horses they were riding are just a few of the 30 or so horses owned by the stables and used for everything from riding horseback to carriage rides like this weekend in Waymart.

Now, horse-drawn carriage rides have come under fire from animal rights protesters in New York City.

After a recent incident where a horse collapsed, protesters continued the push to have the city's new mayor ban the use of horses for carriages.

"We've had horses and used them throughout our entire history, they're great animals and creatures, i don't think there's any problem with that whatsoever," said Justin Tessen of Lancaster.

Tessen said the horse-drawn carriages are a tourist attraction, and have been for a long time.

The owners of Happy Trails Stables feel the same way and said there's nothing wrong with using horses for carriage rides through and around Central Park.

"They enjoy it, the more active they are the longer they live," said Randy Bennett.

Activists in New York claim the horses are in inhumane conditions, exploited for profit and living and working in a grueling New York City in the 21st century, not 20th century.

"It's unsafe for them, inhumane, and it puts public safety in jeopardy," said Donny Moss, director of Blinders, a documentary about the horse-drawn carriage tradition he claims is coming to an end.

"People are waiting and watching for the mayor to take action," he said.

New York's mayor would have to get the support of city council to put a stop to horses pulling carriages.


  • Laura (carriage owner & driver)

    This is ridiculous, and incomplete. The main reason for the ban is that the stables sit on prime real estate that big money wants to get it’s dirty hands on. If you do some research, you’ll find that the stables where most of these horse are kept (I say most, I’m sure there may be exceptions to the rules), are nicer than many homes I’ve been in. Their owners know that the horses are their life line and they are treated quite well. Horses need to work. When they are left to pasture or kept locked up in a barn, they die at much earlier ages. They are happier and healthier when the are worked.

    As for getting hit by cars, if you check the transportation laws of this, and most other states, horses actually have more rights on the road than motor vehicles do. Maybe the need to crack down on aggressive drivers should be more of a concern than putting a stop to something that helped build this country – that’s right, horse power!

  • tom

    All these activists for not just this but other things have entirely too much time on their hands.Do they work for a living?Or sit around thinking of nonsense.

  • George Washington

    All these animal rights nuts hey go ____ ____! I live the way I want, you live the way you want. That was what america was founded on. Pretty soon fly’s will have a protection group. Come on PEOPLE STOP DRINKING THE KOOLAID!

  • Scott

    I guess we should stop using animals for anything, like horseback riding, police dogs, and seeing eye dogs. Because that is work and is inhumane. Just ridiculous maybe the protesters could take their place and get a job pulling the carridges through central park.

  • Chuck Biscuits

    What a bunch of whiners and losers.. Those ‘activists’ need something new to protest.. Its not like the horses are being whipped and kicked to go faster.. They’re WALKING.. Might as well go protest the Kentucky Derby.. One word: ASSCLOWNS

  • dee

    Im still trying to figure out how an animal that was bred to do what they are doing is being inhumane to it? they are meant to pull and to ride..what do they think people did before cars? they took horses or camel depending on their region everywhere.. what do people think the Amish and Mennonites still horses to plow their fields? If the drivers in NYC werent in hurry to get nowhere fast ..maybe less horses would please tell me the number of people that are killed in horse accidents every year compared to MVA’s? hmm seems like we need to go back in time..

  • jodie

    Thank you laura. Your comment makes sense why they want to ban horse drawn carriages for the safety of the horses. I think there should still be horse drawn carriages just not a busy city like new york

  • Laura

    Your article left out the reason for the proposed ban on carriage horse s. It is because each year horses are hit by cars, cabs, buses and trucks. These horses are driven in bumper to bumper midtown traffic. Whoever wrote this article left out the point.

    • Arty

      Where you get your information PETA? Carriages are rarely hit
      compared to the thousands of flawless rides performed.

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