Accused Killer On The Loose, Wanted For Death In Shenandoah

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SHENANDOAH -- State police are looking for a man who troopers in Schuylkill County believe killed a woman in Shenandoah.

Authorities said Luis Ramos Nunez-Calderon, 41, is wanted on homicide charges.

The victim was identified by the coroner as Wendy C. Hernandez, 39, of Shenandoah. Troopers originally identified the victim as Wendy Contreras.

The coroner said she died from cuts to the neck and listed the death as a homicide.

Nunez-Calderon is originally from Bronx, New York.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call state police at Frackville at 570-874-5300.

Troopers tell us that Shenandoah police were called to apartment at 518 West Centre Street around 4:15 p.m. Tuesday and found a woman dead inside.

The Schuylkill County coroner's office and detectives from the Schuylkill County district attorney's office were also called to the scene.

Police are not releasing any more information on the victim or details of her death.

However, troopers were in Shenandoah, interviewing neighbors for hours and say if anyone noticed anything out of the ordinary or suspicious to contact state police at Frackville.

Newswatch 16 talked with a woman at the scene who said she was on Centre Street earlier in the day and saw man and woman fighting outside that apartment.

“They were fighting and they were like arguing and I guess because they were together she broke up with him and he had dragged her in the house by her hair,” said Nicole Brobst of Shenandoah. “Then I went home because I had to take my son home so I didn't see anything after that.”

After talking with Newswatch 16, that witness then spoke with troopers to relay that same information to investigators.

Neighbors of the victim are concerned because the suspect is still on the loose.


  • Dee

    Everyone complains about the scum, the drug’s excetra the problem starts with the lack of jobs and industry in this country. This is not just a Schuylkill County problem it’s a problem across this country. Small towns big cities
    White, black, Hispanic, or whatever nationality our government has let us down. People who don’t work collect a check for doing nothing so they drink, do drugs because there is no selfworth. If our government would use the money they shell out to create jobs you would see a drop in crime. As a society we turn our heads because we have become immune to what is wrong with this country. We ask what can we do, for starters let’s get rid of career politicians. Work for change. This great country did not get this way over night.

  • fred

    yup…hip-hip hurray for all the ACLU scum bags and all the special interest groups that keep encouraging these filth bags to move to our area…this is what happens…keep it up all you democrats…keep ruining our towns by encouraging all the trash to move out of NY, Allentown, Reading and Philly to our area so it can be destroyed like every else where these no good, bottom feeders come from

  • Mad In Hazleton

    Accused Killer On The Loose, Wanted For Death In Shenandoah…

    Wow look another outstanding original Pa citizen. this is what happens when this type of element moves into an area.. it goes down hill.

  • CO

    Sad thing is that you see people of this character everywhere anymore… I graduated from college and returned to my hometown hoping to be a contributing member of my community and instead have become so disgusted with what I see… Everywhere and on every block you have a household with people like this in these small towns…. I really feel bad for my elderly neighbors who worked hard during their life and now have to spend their golden years sitting out on their porches looking at trash like this… Small town America is gone

    • DE

      I left the city by default of change of my situation there, and moved here because this is where my spouse is from, and we are apporaching our second half of life and figured it would be a good idea. I had a pit-stop in NH for two years where he was living at the time. Garbage is brought in, walked in, home grown etc…the only difference is by the numbers. Where I live is not too bad, but some places in NEPA are as bad as the city! I never thought it too smart to leave cars and homes unlocked and this trusting everyone stuff…

  • DE

    You all make a valid point. Even after years of abuse, they stay with the loser. A family member of mine finally got away, and he ended up killing her anyway, just like this pig did to her. I hope they find him, I am sure they will.

  • GlamGirl

    i yelled once at my neighbor as he was arguing with his g/f (now he was in her face with his fist but not hitting) and then the g/f and him came over to the fence told me to shut my mouth mind my own business or i would get my face punched in so in conclusion there adults fend for yourself dirtbags.

  • Megan Old Forge

    hELLO John T yes i read the posts in normal situations I would intervene but in this case I too have scum neighbors and I wouldn’t help them out either. Same old trash with trash problems. DING DING DING SPRINGER SPRINGER SPRINGER

  • John T

    Yeah that doesnt seem right. You watch a lady get dragged into her home by her hair…. And u didnt think “something isnt right about this”. Unreal.

  • Steve from wb

    To Paul Kersey I think that may be a take on the Death Wish movies. I at one time didn’t agree with vigilante justice but now the system is 100% broke I’m up for anything. I think there are far too many criminals getting away that need justice. Am I am sure what we got not isn’t working so HECK YA!

  • Paul Kersey

    I wouldn’t call the cops either. First off I lived next to scum. The hubby fought and beat the woman. Cops came yet she always came back! Losers are attracted to losers! You hang around bums and dopers you are one yourself. No surprise by the crimes going on. I hope they do catch him and send him away. I think the only way to fix this problem is round up all the losers who don’t contribute to this world (6-10people) and send them to space! Where well just send the rocket as far away as possible. Country going to crap.

  • DE

    “and he had dragged her in the house by her hair,” said Nicole Brobst of Shenandoah. “Then I went home because I had to take my son home so I didn’t see anything after that.” Maybe you shoulda called the cops or is this considered normal behavior in NEPA? And why would she give her name? You tell on the dirt-bags, don’t talk to anyone but the law, and you don’t give your name to reporters!!! dug..
    “Police are not releasing any more information on the victim or details of her death but say there is no threat to the public.”
    I beg to differ if this guys killed his ex-girlfriend.

      • DE

        Yes, I agree, calling the police may have saved her life that day. But would she let him back? Would he stalk her anyway? Only God knows, but we have to try. My cuz’s husband always seemed “off,” they blamed drinking as the cause for violence. Okay, whatever, violence is violence no matter what the cause and needs ended one way or the other. Would I have called the police? Probably. Would he have come after me? Hopefully not, but “not greater love has this than a man/woman lay down his/her life for a friend.” Faced with a situation so sudden, it’s hard to think on your feet sometimes. We should never put ourselves or loved ones in danger but someitmes it’s a matter of life or death.

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