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Garbage Bills Confuse Some in Scranton

SCRANTON–  Ona and Bill Glucksnis are not too happy, they recently paid a $300 annual bill for the collection of their garbage.

Bill laughs,”The bill stinks worse.”

Not only are this year’s garbage fees in Scranton higher than last year, the couple says the due date on the bill is confusing.

Ona says,”We opened the mailbox up and said ‘Oh boy’.”

Scranton garbage bills arrived in late April and have a due date of May 1st, however there is a month-long grace period.

Residents actually have until May 31 to pay before getting hit with a late fee.

Still some people are befuddled by the way the bill is worded.

Scranton City Treasurer Wayne Beck says that the changes that were made to this year’s bill were supposed to make it easier to understand.

He says,” I’m sorry if there was any confusion, we certainly are here to work with them, and if they have comments or questions they should feel free to call my office”.

Beck says he will consider making revisions before bills go out next year.



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