Closing Arguments in Raymarr Alford Trial

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Testimony at a homicide trial in Lycoming County wrapped up on Tuesday.

A man from Williamsport is accused of killing another man on a basketball court in front of about 200 people in July 2012.

There were seven days of testimony at the trial for Raymarr Alford at the Lycoming County Courthouse.

Alford and another man, Qu Mar Moore, face a long list of charges, including criminal homicide in the shooting death of Kevan Connelley.

Prosecutors say the shooting happened on July 9, 2012 on the basketball courts at Flanigan Park in Williamsport.

About 200 people were there, including many children.

Prosecutors say Alford and Moore fled to Philadelphia after the shooting and were found about two months later.

During closing arguments, defense attorney Don Martino said there was not enough evidence to convict Alford, and that the prosecution's witnesses were unreliable.

Prosecutors said that is simply untrue and all of the witnesses had the same story. The Lycoming County district attorney played a phone call from a witness describing the shooting and blaming Raymarr Alford for the death of Kevan Connelley.

The jury is scheduled to start deliberating Alford's fate Wednesday.

Qu Mar Moore is expected to go on trial for the same charges, but that date has not yet been set.


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