$211,257: Cost to Defend Accused Killer Hugo Selenski to Date

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KINGSTON - Newswatch 16 received a copy of the checks to Hugo Selenski legal defense team who spent two years preparing for a death penalty murder trial.

Checks to lawyer Shelley Centini for defending Selenski came to $121,425.

During that same two-year period, Luzerne County Paid Private Investigator James Sulima $29,790, to help in Selenski's defense.

A third member of the defense team, attorney Ed Rymsza of Williamsport was paid a little more than $60,000.

Add it up, and Luzerne County taxpayers spent more than $211,257 defending Hugo Selenski for less than two years, and two members of his defense team have been removed from the case.

In January Centini and Sulima were charged, along with Selenski of intimidating five witnesses with information on the 2002 murders of Michael Kerkowski and Tammy Fassett in Luzerne County.

Selenski is charged with murder in that case.

Centini and Sulima were removed from the Selenski defense.
They've pleaded not guilty to witness tampering charges.

Selenski lawyer Ed Rymsza, who was not implicated in the alleged witness tampering, has been joined by another lawyer.

Luzerne County Common Pleas Court Judge Fred Pierantoni,  put a $40,000 cap on the amount of public money to be spent on Selenski's defense from this point forward.

Selenski was supposed to go on trial in march.

But after the indictments of Centini and Sulima, the trial is on an indefinite delay.


  • tom

    OMG-again take this clown out-just shoot him,already.Let’s get rid of him once and for all.Too much taxpayer money could have been spent elsewhere-not in big shot lawyers making a name for themselves and not in housing and feeding him.

  • Joe Ashley

    Seems like maybe the lawyer got paid very well… I’m sure it was all legal like. only regular people get screwed, i’m sure this won’t go anywhere or will be slap on the wrist.

  • Proud to be a TAXPAYER ...NOTTTTT

    Sounds like someone just milked the taxpayers for as much money as they could as attorneys. Just my opinion here… As far as the other stuff nothing would surprise me here is NEPA bully bully bully your way around when in high positions.

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