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Police: Man Flown to Hospital After Teen Fired Shots

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FAIRMOUNT TOWNSHIP -- Shots fired in a home in Luzerne County Monday night ended with a man in the hospital.

The shots rang out on Mossville Road near Ricketts Glen State Park around 9:30 p.m.

Officers said David Wheeler, 32, was arguing with a 16-year-old boy before the teen pulled the trigger.

The man had to be flown to the hospital.

Police have yet to say if any charges will be filed.


  • Angry

    I’ve known Dave a long time he was not violent I don’t know all the details but I can say it wasn’t self defense but this will be another car that slips through the system that doesn’t work anyway

  • facts

    There are many other things that went on their order than what was in this article and if you want what really happen read April 30 edition of the press enterprise people who live in the country they have guns and if someone was beating up your mom and you warned them and they start coming after you then what would you do defend her or let her get beat up and if you don’t know all that happened then please stop saying things like it was just fine out of anger and many other things happened that night get your facts and then come and comment again the press enterprise has really good FACTS AND NOT OPINIONS the guy that was shot not only was being on the mother previous times but both her son’s to do it has happened before

  • chevy

    I know the family very well. Have for 4 years now. The young man was protecting his mother n brother. I know the story. Im there older brothers girlfriend just to be honest. N ot was done out of protecting..

  • anonymous

    so pretty much what your all sayin is you country we fought so hard for the right to bear arms in.that in.a self defense situation.where a 16was threatened by a 32yr old man and probly felt in danger for his life you condem him for taking action thats sad but ik for a fact if he didnt and was killed by this man all those calling him such a great person. and innocent victim would be calling him. every name in the book maybe think.about all the facts that could of been in play in the story before you so quick jump to conclusions


    if you dont know whats was really going on and your on here to just ramble on about it KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT AND YOUR STUCK UP NOSE OUT OF EVERYBODY ELES BUSINESS AND MIND YOUR OWN !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tom R

      This is an open news forum. EVERYONE has a right to their own opinion, even if you do not agree with them. You have NO right to tell someone to “keep their mouth shut” Who do you think you are? Vladimir Putin? We live in America, not Russia.

      • lorie

        well ummm if it’s an open forum for one to speak their mind then it’s only fair that it’s an open forum for a response….if one can say their thoughts and feelings so can the other….this isn’t russia, you know….

      • Tom R

        @lorie …Sorry, libtard, but no one has a right to tell someone else to “shut their mouth”. Not you, not me, or anyone else. This is America and people have the right to speak their mind without the fear of being censored or told to shut up. I am sure liberals like you have a hard time comprehending this, since you are worshipers of King Socialist in Washington DC, but if you do not like the “land of the free”, move somewhere else. You certainly will not be missed here!

  • Chad Wolfe

    None of you understand the circumstances in which this happened, you all know nothing so do not accuse this boy of doing it on purpose!!!

    • Tina

      seriously the kid had the gun in his hands with his finger on the trigger and pointed it at the guy what do you think he was doing he obviously had intent to pull the damned trigger when you do things like that you should expect to have to take full responsibility for your actions 16 or not the gun didn’t float in the air by it self and randomly aim itself at someone and pull its own trigger the kid was behind the gun the kid pulled the trigger bottom line. HE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS ACTIONS JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER HUMAN BEING STOP MAKING EXCUSES AND FACE FACTS THE KID SHOT A MAN END OF STORY THE END.

    • Anonymous

      There is not enough information in this article to be making these judgements! Everyone needs to step back and keep their noses out of everyone else’s business. I happen to know this 16 year old boy and I know that he is a good kid and that there is more to this story than what has been released.

      • Angry

        Dave was a good guy and I’ve known him a long time and he was not violent and I don’t know all the details but I can say that it wasn’t self defense these kids today all they do is resort to violence why does a 16yo even have a gun but this is another case that will slip through the system

  • Marie

    How cold is your heart to say you don’t care that a father of a little girl is dead? You’re not much better of a person to say such an awful ignorant things. I hope this happens to you so you could see what it feels like. I hope your father or son or brother gets shot, you cold hearted ignorant loser.

    • lorie

      his name is dave, he is NOT dead, no it was NOT his own child….NO he did not threaten the teen, NO he is not aggressive or an angry person….however, he is stable but in critical condition, maybe in stead of wishing ill on others or judging anyone you all should be sending prayers for both of them…..

  • DE

    Well, if what you are saying is true, I can think of a few that I would’ve been willing to shoot myself if they tried to hurt me or my family. Sometimes there is no time to call 911.

  • Sheila Malenovitch Brandon

    a son lies in the hospital, he may not make it. He is a son, a father, a brother, an uncle………… I hope the SPS do their job on this case, why did the girlfriends son have a gun, why are the numbers filed off the gun………why was he shot outside of the home……….was it premeditated as it certainly looks like it………. why wasn’t 911 called first? details will come out and I hope people are held responsible for their actions. Child or not!

  • Claire

    I feel sorry for the victim but overall the world we live in now. Ask yourself how great is this world going to be in 20more years. Everyone fighting, robbing, getting handouts. Going down a path that doesn’t look good.

    Need to go back and think about the path our forefathers sought for us!

  • lindal

    animal lover, what does being a hoarder have to do with anything? One man’s trash is anothers man’s treasure.

  • DE

    Well, I guess details are forthcoming. Was it his own kid? A neighbors kid? What was the kid doing unsupervised brandishing a firearm? etc…

      • DE

        Understood however should we go fetch the gun everytime we get angry? I for one then would leave quite the trail of bodies! Perhaps the kids felt threatened, but there are not enough details apparently to know if this was the case.

      • Jeff Jay

        To DE if it wasn’t a gun it’d be a knife or an axe. If you want to hurt someone you’ll find a way.

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