UPDATE: Jason Dominick On Trial For Murder

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SCRANTON -- A jury has been picked in a murder trial in Lackawanna County.

Prosecutors claim it was a fight over a girl that led to murder.

The accused on trial is Jason Dominick of Scranton.  He's one of two men charged in last summer's shooting of Frank Bonacci of Dunmore.

The process of picking a jury for Dominick's trial got underway Monday morning.

Frank Bonacci's murder caught a lot of attention last July, when Bonacci first went missing, and then when two of his friends were arrested for covering up his killing.

Jason Dominick is the first of those two friends to stand trial.

Attorneys narrowed a pool of almost100 jurors down to 12. They picked a jury of seven women and five men.

Out of a pool of potential jurors, only three said they never heard of Frank Bonacci or his story. The 24 year old from Dunmore went missing last summer.

Bonacci disappeared after a party in July.  He was missing for about a week.  Friends organized search teams just about every evening.    They wore, or carried orange, Bonacci's favorite color.

Finally, Bonacci's body was found, in his SUV, at the bottom of a ravine near Nay Aug Park in Scranton. Bonacci was found with an execution-style gunshot wound. There was a rock on top of the SUV's gas pedal.

Two young men in Bonacci's circle of friends were charged with his murder. Police arrested Dominick and Neil Pal of Scranton.

Jason Dominick's trial on first degree murder and conspiracy charges is first.

Prosecutors from the Lackawanna County district attorney's office are now looking to prove that Dominick was the one who shot Frank Bonacci.

Police say Dominick and Bonacci were fighting over a woman they both dated.

A judge ruled on Friday that Dominick and Neil Pal will have separate trials.

The co-defendant in the murder case, Pal, is scheduled to stand trial on June 2. He's accused of giving Dominick the gun to kill Bonacci and helping him in the cover-up.


  • jp

    Seems to be a simple slip in the names. I guess these two guys might be wearing Bonacci’s favorite color for awhile, and might get treated like a girl where they are hopefully going. I cannot figure out how they thought the girl they were fighting over was worth it, no offense to her. They not only ended his life but ruined their own for something so stupid. I really hope they think about it in the prison shower.

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