State Police: Residents Stay in Homes in Barrett and Price Townships
State Police Tip Line: 1 (866) 326-7256

Another Business Set to Close on Main Street

HONESDALE — A long-time business in Wayne County is set to close.

It’s the third business on Main Street in Honesdale to close since the start of the year.

Sale signs cover the front windows of The Homefront, going-out-of-business signs.

The place sells refrigerators, stoves and other large appliances. Inside, the remaining inventory is marked down and the owners said The Homefront will close at they end of May.

“Here we go again, another store front empty, nobody wants to see that,” said Linda Pontosky of Honesdale.

Shoppers are not surprised The Homefront is joining other long-time Main Street businesses, Morning Glory Gifts and Weniger Variety in closing, saying people just don’t have money to spend these days.

“They’re people I’ve known my whole life, it’s sad,” said Richelle Hessling of Honesdale.

“I feel sorry for them, been here for years, they’re really good people. Nice people it’s a pleasure to go in and buy anything from them,” added Pontosky.

The owner of The Homefront said it’s sad to leave a business that her family’s been in for more than two decades. Before that, it was a Sears store going back to the 1960’s. But she said the bad economy has led to her decision to retire and close.

“It’s very sad to see the established businesses leave town, I mean people are used to seeing them there, everybody knows the owners,” said Gail Tucker.

Tucker is Executive Director of the Greater Honesdale Partnership and said while the economy is tough some new businesses have opened in place of older ones.

And while retail struggles, Camp Umpy’s Bagels and Stuff has expanded recently, a bright spot in a time when The Homefront and others are going dark.

“The storefronts closing on Main Street, yes, very sad, hopefully others will pop up and take their place,” said owner Cheryl Batcher.


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