Traffic Stop Leads to Drug Bust

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TOBYHANNA TOWNSHIP — Troopers made a surprising discovery when they stopped a car for a traffic violation.

According to officers, they pulled over William Harris, New Jersey, on Interstate 80 near Tobyhanna.
While searching the vehicle, troopers found almost 2,000 bags of heroin in the engine compartment. Troopers said Harris was also driving without a license.

Harris is facing several charges in Monroe County.


  • Mike

    They need to put a checkpoint with State Troopers and some drug sniffing dogs on 80W at the NJ/PA boarder. That would stop the drugs from coming in to the Poconos.

  • George V

    I’m all for taking drugs off the streets and nailing fools like this. But the part of this article that makes me laugh… ” Troopers made a surprising discovery when they stopped William Harris for a traffic violation”. Lets start with stopping him in the first place… you can take to the bank, that his NJ plates… and the fact that he is most likely a minority… lead to that stop. Surely the Troopers were not “surprised”, not even a little, when they found the drugs… they in fact, had a pretty good idea, when they saw him go speeding by (Speeding like 99.79% of drivers on Rt 80, the .21% who are not speeding are trucks going up hill). Simple… Troopers are human, they are not supposed to “Profile” drivers… but you can bet your rear end… this is in fact what lead to this fool being caught… the troopers… not even close to being “Surprised’!

    • George V

      “Surprised” would be…pulling over a white 80 yr old grandmother in her 2013 ford escape for a burnt out headlight… and finding 1999 bags of heroin… in plan site on the front passenger seat… now that… would have been a “Surprise”! Just keeping it real people

    • DE

      Profiling is necessary evil in making our communities a safer place, keeping dirt-bags out of our homes, and solving crimes. Politically correct or not, profiling is just part of police-work, forensic psychology, and good detective work. It just makes the liberals feel better if we say, ok, we won’t do that. Unfortunately, every once in awhile some idiot like zimmerman comes along and poisens the whole pot.

  • paul

    So glad to hear about this drug bust, it warms my heart to see these scum bags going down in flames. Great job by our Pa Troopers!

  • DE

    Wow dude, it’s not bad enough or dumb enough to drive around with heroin, commit a traffic violation, but without a license? I hope you learn yourself a lesson thru this. WHEN you get out stay clean, get a job, and stop the tomfoolery. It’s time.
    Awesome bust State Troopers! You should get this lucky every time someone is drving around with dope!

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