Police Investigating Assault and Robbery

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WILKES-BARRE -- Police in Wilkes-Barre are investigating an assault that occurred in the city Saturday night.

Officers said it happened just before 11 p.m. near the intersection of Carey Avenue and Corlear Street.

A man claimed he was robbed and assaulted. Police said he was taken to the hospital with serious injuries, but they were not life-threatening.

According to Wilkes-Barre Police, a suspect in the assault was arrested just before 4 Sunday afternoon. The suspect was identified by police as Luciano Ramos, 18.


  • Steve

    Wilkes Barre is a big city. They don’t call it little Philly for nothing. A lot of the crime is committed by people from NY & Philadelphia.

  • Need Paul Kersey to clean up the streets.......

    WB is no different then big cities. How to clean it up…well i don’t have all the answers but i know the laws aren’t tough enough. When these people get caught send them away forever!!! Nope they will be back out in a few weeks or months.. We are a civilized nation…ya..get with it people there are good and bad. And bad people should BE GONE!!!!!

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