A Cheerful, Chilly Cherry Blossom Festival

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WILKES-BARRE-- Ideally, the cherry blossom festival in Kirby Park is a chance to enjoy spring weather under a canopy of blooms.

However, with Mother Nature running a bit behind schedule, there were more buds than blossoms at this year's edition. Still plenty of people made the most of a chance to have some family fun outdoors.

Robert Amann of Wilkes-Barre said,"Blossoms, just a couple!"

Cool temperatures and stiff breezes kept many people bundled up.

Toy vendor Christine Cheffo could only sit and shiver, saying,"This is not cherry blossom weather. "

At Sub-Zero Ice Cream, the weather really wasn't helping sales. Owner Jackie Rinish said,"It is a little sub-zero out here right now, we are hoping it will warm up. "

Gay Rose Domkowski figured maybe her brightest tie-dye would get the atmosphere to play along.

"I got it out of mothballs for the winter, I took it out, so I am hoping maybe it will encourage the warmer weather," said Domkowski

However, with a polka band playing and the rides running the atmosphere was still festive.

At the edge of the park a few early blooming trees could be seen in fine form, a sign of things to come.