Rental Properties Shut Down in Williamsport

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Two rental properties in Williamsport are off the market for six months.

According to officials, the pair of apartments are the first rentals to be shut down under a new city ordinance.

The city's mayor said both the unit on West Fourth Street and the unit on Hepburn Street had been occupied by people charged in connection with dealing drugs.

The "One-Strike Ordinance" says when a crime like this happens, the owners cannot rent out their place for six months.

A woman was evicted from the Hepburn property, and the mayor said guns and heroin were found in the unit.


  • Ken

    What if the landlord was actively trying to evict them? Evictions take at least 2 months. Also, what if the landlord was the one who reported the drug activity? The property owner has no rights any more.

  • burtfan

    I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out how this constitutional. This is one of the huge problems with this country……always placing responsibilty on someone else other than the person committing the crime. This law will be shot down rather quickly I think.

  • RAY

    If the citizens of a community have to do the POLICE WORK, than what do the WILLIAMSPORT POLICE have to do?

  • Ashley Dancho

    I think this rule is unconstitutional and rediculous. It implies landlords are somehow responsible for watching their tenants as if they are minor children, I can see if the landlord knows drugs are being dealt there. But to punish a landlord for something another adult person chose to do is rediculous. How about punish the person dealing drugs by
    not allowing them to rent in the city for whatever time. Does this imply renters are not adults and not responsible for their own behavior , so landlords become responsible for every thing they choose to do?

  • RAY

    Not sure I understand, what if someone innocent lives in another unit in the same structure, are they now HOMELESS?? Thats the way I understand it to be from past articles in the Sun Gazette and if thats the case then Williamsport is more in the wrong.

  • Ryan

    That will show those drug dealers when they move to their next apartment! The only possible way this could make sense is if the property owner knew what was going on and did nothing. Do people even think when they come up with these ridiculous rules?

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