Last Home Game for Honorary Team Member

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- Brayden Walsh is an honorary member of the East Stroudsburg University baseball team in Monroe County.

Brayden Walsh has cystic fibrosis, and other health problems, and is on a mission to raise one million dollars to help kids just like him.

Brayden's mother, Theresa Walsh, said being a part of the baseball squad is great for her son because he deals with a lot of treatments and medications and looks forward to these games.

"It's amazing, it's been such a life changing experience for him, the guys are phenomenal, they're like big brothers to him," said Walsh.

"When he's around it just reminds you just how lucky you are, I'm honored to have him on the team. To call him a teammate, he's like a little brother to me, fortunate to have him here," said Tyler Eckman, pitcher for the ESU baseball team.

Brayden sells rose pens to raise money for the fight against cystic fibrosis.