Troy Landmark Comes Down

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TROY -- People in Troy watched as demolition of this landmark begins in Bradford County on Friday.

The Penn-Troy Smokestack stands at 178 feet tall and has been a staple in the community since 1942.

"When you're a kid and you're driving through town, that's the only way you can place yourself, with the smokestack," said Mary Dunbar, who has lived in Troy all her life.

Recently, the smokestack started to become more of a hazard.

In a press release, Mark Powers, the president of Penn-Troy Manufacturing said the base is started to deteriorate.

He's also worried about the top 20 feet of the smokestack, where bricks began to come loose.

"You don't want bricks falling on peoples heads or the thing to fall over, ya know anything of that nature," said Steve Saxton from Troy.

Now, a construction crew is taking down the structure, brick by brick.

People in Troy said that many years ago, people used to actually try to climb to the top of the smokestack. One woman brought her nephew to see the landmark come down.

"It's too bad that it's coming down, but it's quite a liability to have up and the up keep would be pretty expensive, so it's sad they're taking it down, but it's too bad," said Dunbar.

The construction crew said the project should be completed some time next week.

As for the bricks, the black ones will be saved for people in the community who want a keepsake.