Concern Grows Over Crumbling Building

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PITTSTON -- An old dilapidated building in one part of Luzerne County has neighbors and nearby business owners worried it might collapse.

City leaders say work to demolish or fix up the place may take several months.

The Pittston Redevelopment Authority bought the building on Market Street several years ago. Work finally started on it last year, but funds ran out and now neighbors are worried for their safety.

It doesn't have a roof. It's missing a wall, and lots of bricks have fallen.

Tanya Biscontini owns a pet grooming shop next to the crumbling building on Market Street in Pittston. She can't believe it's still standing.

"It affected my business as far as pet sitting goes because I don't have a yard, and now it's going to affect my grooming business. So I don't really know what's going to happen if I'm here," Biscontini said.

The Pittston Redevlopment Authority bought the building years ago with plans to turn it into apartments, but the roof was in danger of falling so it was removed. Then funds ran out and the work stopped.

Now neighbors are getting impatient.

"I can't wait to see it go. It's been an eyesore. Squirrels have been getting in there," said Chet Tokash of Harding.

The redevelopment authority had an engineer inspect the building. Now it's waiting for grant money and the engineer's report before doing anything with the building.

"If he says it needs to be immediately demolished, then we will do that. If he says we have a certain amount of time to salvage or demolish it, then we'll follow his report," said Joe Chacke with the Pittston Redevelopment Authority.

The back of the building is worse than the front. Just about anyone or anything could walk right into the building, and there's always a fear another brick could fall.

"I'm nervous for myself, my customers. It is scary. Everybody has to walk their dogs down the sidewalk and park in front of here. I don't want anything to happen to anybody," Biscontini added.

The city expects to get the engineer's report sometime next week. At that point the redevelopment authority will decide what to do next.


  • Joe

    I think they should take that god forsaken building down. That building is so not worth saving. It’s old and should be removed before someone gets hurt. It seems to be a trend in Pittston to save dilapidated buildings when they should be torn down & hauled away.

  • Joe Schmoe

    Yep, if this was privately owned, the city would be shoving every ordinance down the owners throats. Since its the city’s property, it’s do as I say, not as I do. Shame on you pittston.

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