Woman Sentenced for Harming Children

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SCRANTON -- A woman was sentenced Wednesday in Lackawanna County after admitting she put her children in danger.

A judge ordered Narda Wallace to enter a drug monitoring program for 120 days. The woman from Archbald pleaded guilty to child endangerment charges earlier this year.

Wallace and her husband were arrested in September after their 3-year-old was found with bruises all over her body.  Police said her children told officers about being punched, hit with coat hangers and whipped with belts at their home in Archbald.

Michael Wallace remains locked up, awaiting sentencing in the case.



  • Rob

    The kids will go back to them, thats the sad reality of this government, even if the kids were going to be killed, still the law allow the parents to have them back…. Lets pray that maybe in 1,000 years this laws change and kids can have a better opportunity of life

  • mastermind

    Like I said before, the scum doing these horrible things are always the FAT, OBESE, SLOBS, who are jealous of the wonderful children!!! There, I said it and I will stand by it!!!!! LOL LOL LOL

  • Haha

    First off bill it is children her son and daughter where both abuse unfortunately I know these scumbags the whole family is dirt bags druggies and sex affenders her family was also involved in a neglect case of a mentally retarded person who had died do to neglect bottom line scumbs like them don’t deserve children or there freedom

    • DE

      If they return these children to these dirtbags there will blood on their hands and if a community can sue it should!

  • bill williams

    Woman Sentenced for Harming Children

    News Watch 16…Let’s call it what it is..CHILD ABUSE! She beat her kid. Your headline is very misleading. First the word harms shouldn’t apply..she beat her child with objects. Next why the word Children?..it was one child? You reference plural. You also have grammatical errors on your Hugo Selinski article and the story about the craigslist couple being held captive and beat. Who is writing this stuff…and did you outsource your editing to foreign county?

    • DE

      Unfortunately these icks got it in just under the wire before our gov’t FINALLY upped the punishment on on child abuse! IT only took them 238 years!

  • JP

    Her and her husband (not included above?) should be locked up or be injected. Society will never get better until people voice their opinion and work to change the society. Lawmakers and judges keep letting these people out with a slap on the wrist, cause god forbid someone hurt someone’s feelings. She should be made to pay back the cost of any treatment that she receives, along with all the other losers.

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