Talkback Feedback: Who Gets Criticized the Most

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One of the biggest criticisms we get when it comes to Talkback 16 is that sometimes it's too critical.

So who gets criticized the most on our Talkback line?

It's the topic of this week's Talkback Feedback.


  • Melanie

    WELL It looks like I stepped on On Twinkle Toes a gain. I got deleted. It really amazes me how someone in the media is completely unaware of our Constitutional Right of free speech I hear Micky D’s is hiring. Perhaps he can handle “Do you want fries with that?” Far better than moderating a forum. SPEAK UP FOLKS……..WHAT DO YOU THINK? MELANIE WEAVER

  • DE

    If your moderators and/or writers take the opinions of others TOO personal, or maybe some of them just sound TOO intelligent, or if you just disagree due to YOUR personal perspectives; then comments are removed. If you’re gonna be a “grown-up” news site, and be truly open-minded; you have to grow a second skin. While you have got better at this lately, there is still a tendancy for you to pull comments that come across as more impassioned that those of the writer. Kind of juvenile. Maybe someitmes you do that to protect the innocent? Or to protect youselves from libel which is understandable.

  • Melanie

    I have found if one dares to step on the delicate toes of your moderator or in anyway disagree withe the personal opinions of same your comment will not be posted no matter factual and verifiable i.e. perversions of priests of the Diocese of Scranton. Yes folks priests Plural. Melanie Weaver an ASHAMED CATHOLIC

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