Power To Save: “Color Cycling” To Reuse Old Markers

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In our weekly Power to Save reports, we've talked about recycling, e-cycling, up-cycling and more.

Now we're taking a look at "color cycling."  Crayola has come up with a way to turn old markers into fuel.

Markers are a fixture in every school and almost every house with kids. But even the youngest kids at Wyoming Valley Montessori School in Kingston know those markers eventually run out of ink.

But at this school, they aren't going in the trash.

"Those that don't work, we recycle them."

While we were there, some of the students were testing all the markers.

"Just marking these out and if some of them don't work, we recycle them," said Tristan Natez.

Actually, they "color cycle" them.  A box filling up with spent markers will head to Crayola to be put to a new use.

"Of course, in a school we're always going through markers and they're always running out and instead of them going into a landfill we thought, 'wow, how great to be able to recycle them,'" said teacher Kara Taylor.

"We're recycling them to make them into fuel, which I think is pretty cool," said student Sophia Filali.

Crayola shared a video of the process designed to take all those old markers, melt them down and create a fuel.

Crayola says the many markers can help heat a home, cook some food or run a car.

"I think it's pretty cool that you're able to recycle something and make it into a new thing instead of just throwing it away and burning it or burying it," said student Will Filali.

Crayola provides some lesson plans to help kids learn while they color cycle, and tries to make the process easy.

"Crayola provides postage for you. It doesn't have to be just Crayola markers, so any markers running out that you don't use can be used in this effort, so it's really great," Taylor added.

What the kids are doing at the Wyoming Valley Montessori School, you can do, too.

Any school can recycle markers, and to find out how, click here.