Potholes Still Posing Problems To Our Cars

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Newswatch 16’s Ryan Leckey heads under a car with a pro for a closer look at the damage that can be done to our cars from potholes besides just a few bent rims.

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  • Christine Elliott

    Well, this weekend we were in Scranton prom dress shopping and the potholes on Lackawanna Avenue by the Martz Trailways are horrific! It had just poured down rain when we left Wyoming Avenue and headed towards the Martz on Lackawanna Avenue in the right-hand lane dodging potholes as best as possible (without going into the other lane and hitting another car) not knowing just how deep they were because they were filled with rain. Well, hit a doozie! My daughter’s head actually whipped and hit the head rest giving her a headache! Turned around and parked in the lot and took pictures of the holes. Couldn’t believe the depth of these holes! I even opened my pocket knife and placed it in the hole to show reference of just how deep it is. Now I have to put my car in to see what’s been damaged! I just had it inspected for my registration renewal so, I know there was nothing wrong with it before, so we’ll see…There’s no reason why these potholes are being left this long and not getting repaired! I’ll be contacting the pothole hotline and the mayor of Scranton. And if there’s any damages, I’ll be seeking reimbursement from the City of Scranton. Shame on them!

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