Hugo Selenski Hearing In Dauphin County

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ROYALTON, DAUPHIN COUNTY -- Accused killer Hugo Selinski was back in court Thursday and this time he is representing himself.

Selinski, his former attorney, and a private investigator are accused of intimidating a witness and tampering with evidence.

The preliminary hearing in the case was held in Dauphin County.

Selenski, his former attorney Shelley Centini, and private investigator James Sulima are accused of intimidating witnesses, tampering with evidence, and solicitation of perjury.

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The charges are the result of a grand jury investigation.

"Hugo, how do you think it went in there today?"

"Let's fine out at the end," Selenski said.

While Centini and Sulima had their own attorneys, Hugo Selenski represented himself at the hearing near Harrisburg.

Four people testified that Centini organized a meeting where she gave them handwritten letters from Selenski.

One witness said Selenski's attorney told them "Hugo likes to write letters and he's written one for you."

Another witness testified his letter said he should have kept his mouth shut years ago.

In court Selenski asked the witnesses if his letters said "didn't I ask how you were doing?"

But several times the judge had to explain to Selenski how to question the witnesses.

It's unclear how crucial these witnesses were for Selenski's double homicide case.

"I don't think they were big, important witnesses. I don't know," said Shelley Centini's attorney Bill Ruzzo.

Attorneys for Centini and Sulima tried to get some of the charges against their clients dismissed.

Several of the witnesses at the hearing said neither the lawyer nor the investigator intimidated them.

"Attorney Centini continues to maintain her innocence. And beyond that, I really think it would be inappropriate for me to really comment on the evidence today," said James Sulima's attorney Albert Flora.

The judge is reviewing copies of the grand jury testimony of Selenski, Centini, and Sulima before he determines whether there's enough evidence to send this case to trial.

He's expected to rule in Dauphin County on June 4.


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