Couple Allegedly Beaten, Held Hostage After Craigslist Meeting

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SCRANTON -- A couple using the Craigslist website for prostitution found themselves in a much different situation than they intended Thursday morning in Scranton.

Police say the man who responded to their ad held one of them hostage.

Kyle Collins of Scranton was the man who answered that Craigslist ad. He's locked up in the Lackawanna County Prison charged with unlawful restraint, assault, and terroristic threats.

Police say Collins was looking to rob the couple coming to his house for sex.

What happened next no one has been able to explain.

The court papers recount a story from Anthony Estrella and Brittany Williams, a couple Scranton Police say, use Craigslist for prostitution. But that's nowhere near the most shocking part of this story.

Police say a response to an ad led the couple to an apartment at 604 East Market Street in Scranton's Green Ridge section.

When they went to the upstairs apartment police say Kyle Collins was standing there with a gun and told the pair to empty their pockets.  Then, Collins allegedly pistol whipped Estrella and threw him out, threatening to kill Williams if he called police.

Estrella did call police though and officers surrounded the home and called Brittany Williams on her cell phone. Williams later told police that while she was talking to them, Collins held a gun to her head and continually threatened to kill her.

"It's kind of a quiet neighborhood. I know the neighbors back and forth here but I don't really know them," said neighbor Paul Molter.

Neighbors on East Market Street say the whole ordeal must have been quiet. Many of them didn't even know what had gone on.

They say they don't know Kyle Collins, either.

Collins eventually let Brittany Williams go and surrendered to police.

"There have been issues in this neighborhood before, but nothing like that. This is the first time something this serious has happened," said neighbor Paul Dimler. "We were not aware of anything going on. I'm shocked that it happened."

Kyle Collins is locked up at the Lackawanna County Prison.

Police have not said if there are any charges in the works for Anthony Estrella and Brittany Williams.


  • jake

    First mistake was seeing he was black and continuing anything. Dept. Of justice keeps stats on race and crimes and its time to use common sense and realize the black community is atrocious in all.categories. If your inner liberal still wants to be on bias find a fairly rare decent person with the black skin you require.

    • MT

      The only reason there was a victim in this situation is because prostitution is illegal and unregulated. Prostitution has been around for thousands of years, it isn’t going to ever go away.

  • Rob

    I’m 23. I used Craigslist to pay to have sex with a woman. The reason most men pay for sex is because they are not good with women and cannot get a woman. I only had one girlfriend and that did not last long. I am not good with women so I pay for sex. If I could get a girlfriend easily I would not pay for sex.

  • Charlie Tuna

    Your face is a cesspool
    I’ve used craigslist to buy/sell many things and haven’t had a problem. When your looking to do dumb crap then dumb crap will find you.

  • The Republican

    Why ban the website, Why ban guns? Criminals will seek a way to complete their wishes. These things, you have no way of preventing them. nor restrict how people think, you cannot baby sit by banning, criminals do not listen to laws, All these democrats make me sick who blame the system and not the people, so they want to change the system.

    • DE

      Not for anything, but someone(s) out there manages the site! Someone hosts it, so they can choose the ethical and moral thing to do and NOT facilitate the manner of filth that they do!

  • DE

    They have a child too! Disgusting parents! What do they do with their kid when their out ther playing happy hookers?

  • RAY

    Big deal, so now you’ve got some idiots on PAROLE doubt they serve much time if any. They will just move to another neighborhood and do something much worse, is it really shocking anymore???? Of course not this is just a NORMAL AMERICAN ACTIVITY THESE DAYS. You couldn’t get someones attention anymore with words like MURDER or PROSTITUTION if you were in a church because its NORMAL, ALMOST ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOUR in this country.

  • paul

    I’m not surprised to read about something like this coming out of Craigslist. There are many many hookers on there, a lot of junk, but it is a good thing as well, as far as free advertising. To hook up with one of these scum, is an invitation to death, many have hiv, and other STD’s.

  • mdog

    Great site to find things to buy.
    However they do have very naughty
    section(s) that should be policed .

    • SSA

      It is the site! They provide the vehicle for this activity, knowing full well what is going on out there, but they allow it to continue. They simply do not care.

  • SSA

    The authorities need to shut this disgusting site down! Thrill killers, prostitutes and deviants, Craigslist is nothing but a cesspool! They are enablers in these crimes, and need to be held responsible.

    • Christina

      Oh yes. Because outside of Craigslist there are only good law abiding citizens. If people want to do something, they will find a way, regardless of whether or not this site exists. You are delusional to think otherwise.

      • Aruda Wakening

        Christina, SSA is spouting the typical liberal mindset, “let’s not hold the perpetrators responsible, blame the ‘enabler’, instead”. That way of thinking is exactly what created the sick society we now have to live in but you can’t tell those liberal progressives that; they’re incapable of logical thinking.

        No, SSA, it is not Craigslist’s fault that the deviants have taken to using it for their sick agendas. There are literally tens of thousands (or more) normal people who use CL for legitimate purposes, why should they have to suffer for the acts of the crazy ones?

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