800,000 Baby Monitor Batteries Recalled

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Summer Infant has received 22 reports of overheated and ruptured batteries, including incidents of smoke and minor property damage.

Consumers should remove the battery and contact Summer Infant for a replacement battery. The monitor can continue to be used on AC power with the power cord.

Mass merchants, including Babies “R” Us, online retailers and independent juvenile specialty stores, from about February 2010 through 2012 for between $150 to $350.

Battery numbers are:

S/N: JNN-S150A S/N:JNS150-BA S/N:JNS150A
S/N: JNN-S150B S/N:JNS150-BB
S/N: JNN-S150C S/N:JNS150-BC

Monitors are:

Monitor Name Model Number
Baby Touch® 02000, 02000Z
Baby Touch®  Plus 28520
Best View® 28030, 28030Z, 28035, 28280Z
Best View®  Choice 28460
Complete Coverage® 28040
Dual Coverage™ 28510
MultiView™ 28490
Peek®  Plus 02230
Private Label Baby Sight 3927000H11/A, 3927003H12
Safe Sight™ 28530
Secure Sight® 02040, 02040Z
Sleek & Secure® 28270
Slim & Secure® 02800, 02805
Slim & Secure®  Plus 28450
Slim & Secure®  Plus Power Pack 28590

Consumers can contact Summer Infant at (800) 426-8627 anytime or online at http://www.summerinfant.com/alerts/battery-recall for information on battery replacement.

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  • Mike

    I have the Slim & Secure 02800 and had the same problems.
    Then all of the sudden my video stopped working and now only the sound works. I’m still trying to get a replacement with Summer. They sent me a replacement battery yesterday and my video screen still won’t work. I hope they will do something for me because they are not cheap.

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