WILK’s Bud Brown Retires After 40 Years In Radio

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PITTSTON TOWNSHIP -- He's considered a broadcasting legend here in northeastern Pennsylvania and on Wednesday he signed off the air here for the last time.

WILK's Bud Brown is retiring after more than 40 years working in radio.

Most radio listeners probably don't know his face, but they certainly know the voice.

"I'm really enjoying this, but I think this is the first time in a long time I had to think at work here," laughed Brown.

Brown says he had trouble adapting to the changes in broadcasting over the years.

"For the first time in my life, I felt a disconnect not only from the business but from my coworkers."

Now Bud and his wife are moving to Arizona.  He plans to work part time but says he'll miss radio.

"Writing the news and then going on the air because they are the two things that I really did derive pleasure from, as far as radio," Brown said.

"A creative writer and the voice is just inimitable. No one will be able to do what Bud does," said WILK's Nancy Kman.

"He really is a legend in northeast Pennsylvania in radio and in news and in writing, a force of nature really," said WILK's John Webster.

Bud's coworkers also call him humble. In fact, Bud said his sendoff was overwhelming.

There was a proclamation from the governor, a cake, and on-air messages from friends, colleagues, and listeners.

"The voices and the names that are coming up are really surprising, reall,y really shocking me, and it's very touching that something like this could be bestowed upon me."

But all good things must come to an end and Brown was great as he signed off from his final noon newscast.

"In April of 1969, this guy gets out of the army, goes to a broadcasting school in Washington D.C., and in early October of that year, he says hello to his first radio audience, and he today he says goodbye to his last radio audience. Thanks for listening."


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  • jim

    I won’t miss his perverted jokes at the end of every 12:00 newscast. He really is a sicko. Sue Henrie compared him to Paul Harvey. What an insult to Harvey !

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