Tamaqua Council Member Wants Trail Cleaned Up

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TAMAQUA -- Tamaqua police say mounds of trash are piling up on a back road behind Tamaqua Area High School because people keep illegally dumping there.

The back road at the top of Coal Street in Tamaqua is covered in filth.

Community members say they’re tired of looking at it.

“Mattresses, old decorations, and tires, basically any trash they need to dump is behind my house,” said Tawnie Gerber from Tamaqua.

The mess is right behind Gerber's home in Tamaqua. She says piles of tires and other trash have been piling up for years.

Police say it’s because people continue to dump illegally.

”It was never a problem when I was younger, but last summer when my family went for a walk with the dogs we saw it. It’s definitely grown since last summer,” said Gerber.

Walkers who make their way up the road will find even bigger piles of trash that are behind the Tamaqua Area baseball field.

One council member says he’s sick and tired of seeing it.

“It’s wrong. It’s appalling. It’s sad to even think that people in our neighborhoods do something like this,” said Justin Startzel, Tamaqua council member.

Startzel says part of the property is owned by a coal company, but with no 'no trespassing' signs or gates, people use the path for biking or walking.

However, others use it as a dumping ground. Now Startzel is looking to clean it up.

“We want to start clean up ASAP because this is contagious. This is very contagious and as I said if one dumper sees it they will continue to dump and it will continue to pile up,” said Startzel.

Startzel says people have already offered to help, but he is looking for more volunteers to clean up the path.

People looking to help can contact Startzel by phone 570-449-4737 or email stenzel18252@gmail.com


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