Man Accused of Stealing Then Selling Rifles

TOWANDA -- Stolen guns and money have a man facing theft charges in Bradford County.

Police charged Caleb Chilson of Towanda on Tuesday.  According to authorities, Chilson stole $1,300 and seven rifles from his father's gun safe.

Investigators believe he then sold the guns to three different local gun shops.

Chilson is locked up in a Bradford County prison.

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  • Red

    Look at this beauty from WNEP “journalists”. What a title for a story. How about this: Man Accused of Stealing, Then Selling, Rifles. WNEP, it’s not that difficult. If you don’t understand the rules of grammar, just ask. Your stories continue and continue to look like they were written by 3rd graders. Your lack of progress shows you have zero integrity and professionalism.

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