Local Firms Accused Of Illegal Trade With Terrorist Nations

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Federal investigators say two companies from our area were illegally shipping equipment to Syria and Iran.

Indictments released on Wednesday accuse one of those companies, based in Susquehanna County, of illegally shipping chemical weapon detectors to Syria

The head of that company, Harold Rinko of Hallstead, has agreed to plead guilty to a conspiracy that he acquired products for chemical weapon detection here in the United States and then worked to send them to Syria.

It is forbidden for these products associated with chemical warfare to be shipped to that country.

Examples of the type of products sold:

The feds allege Rinko worked through his company, Global Parts Supply in Hallstead, to export the illegal goods to Syria.

The federal indictment was unsealed today after being kept secret since November of 2012.

To neighbors, Harold Rinko was far from some international conspirator. They knew him as an avid hunter, a guy who loved to fish.

They knew he ran some kind of parts business out of his home along Steam Hollow Road but certainly not parts associated with chemical warfare.

"I find it hard to believe, his nature, it's just not him.  It just doesn't seem like him," said neighbor Mary Bray.

But Rinko is accused of using his company, Global Parts Supply, to acquire items used to detect specific chemical weapons, or to protect yourself from them.

The feds say Rinko worked with two foreigners to send the goods to three other countries.  From there they were shipped on to Syria, which is strictly forbidden by the U.S.

The indictment shows his co-conspirators paid Rinko big bucks.

A chemical weapon scanner alone went for $15,000.

Another detector sold for $18,000.

One probably wouldn't expect to find a global parts supply company on a dirt road in rural Susquehanna County, but it is that company listed at the address that the federal government alleges Rinko ran and used as a front to get those products from here in the U.S. to Syria.

"You would never think of something like that would go on and never once expected that of Harold," said neighbor John Bray.

The Brays live next door to Rinko.  Despite the charges against their neighbor and his guilty plea, they find it all hard to believe the man they know was connected in any way to Syria and its chemical war.

"I never would have thought that Harold would have been doing something like that intentionally, put it that way," said Tim Bray.

"Extremely surprised, it's crazy.  He's such a nice man. Ready to help, great neighbor, the kind of person you want to have as a neighbor, but can't believe it," said Mary Bray.

The second company from Schuylkill County is accused of illegally sending equipment to Iran.

Hetran Inc, an engineering and manufacturing plant in Orwigsburg and its chief executive officer, Helmut Oertmann, are facing charges related to illegally sending a piece of equipment to Iran.

The U.S. attorney says this company and its CEO shipped an $800,000 machine to Iran.

The feds accuse Hetran, INC. near Orwigsburg and CEO Helmut Oertmann of violating U.S. law by trading a horizontal lathe, a machine used to make parts for cars and airplanes.




  • Harold Smith

    The term “terrorist” is just a label that “our” [corrupt] “government” applies to any independent government anywhere in the world that refuses to take orders from “our” [corrupt] “government”.

  • mdog

    Google this: Brigitte Gabriel: Radical Islam: The Plan to Destroy America from Within: Infiltration

    This Woman escaped with her life but her neighbors did not.
    Watch it if you care for your children’s children.

  • papokergod

    God forbid should we send detection equipment (not weapons) to help detect the use of chemical weapons….

    Yet Obama sends weapons to Syria all the time. What does our government not want people to detect?

  • Dirt Dogg

    Our Zionist, puppet of Israel government does their dance to their tune in the middle east as Russia and China see us as the global paper tiger we’ve become.

  • JP

    Globla Parts Supply’s owner deserves what he gets. But there needs to be more clarification as to why Hetran Inc. is in trouble. The part they sent is noted as being “used in the manufacture of cars and aricraft,” which is rather vague. I would assume the “equipment” also has other potential uses not mentioned?? Or is simply the sale of equipment to Iran illegal? Granted, I don’t think I would ever sell anything to that entire region of the world regardless of its end use.

  • Mike Blanco

    These terrorist wouldn’t stand a chance if they try to bring those chemical weapons to our beautiful blue mountains! It’s people like this that deserve to be shipped overseas with the illegal goods they pan handle. As an ex-collegiate athlete, full time patriot, and about to be new father I have only one thing to say – USA USA USA USA USA

    • Harold Smith

      I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the real terrorists are in Washington, DC and Tel-Aviv.

    • Harold Smith

      What disgusts me is people who refuse to see that “our” “government” in Washington DC is the enemy of every decent person on this planet.

    • Bern

      I agree with the Washington DC Part, but not with the Tel Aviv Part! So I won’t rate the comment, cause it’s half right and half wrong, in my eyes.

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