Jessup Police Find Foreign Coin Collection

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JESSUP -- Police in Lackawanna County found an unusual piece of evidence during a drug investigation, a collection of coins from all over the world.

Now, officers in Jessup hope to get it out of the evidence locker and into the hands of its original owner.

Jessup Police Chief Joe Walsh said a routine traffic stop Saturday turned into a marijuana investigation that was in itself, routine, until officers found something unusual in the back seat of the suspect's car.

"They were all foreign coins from various countries all over the world," Chief Walsh said.

About 200 coins from places including The Philippines, Hong Kong, and Australia. The suspects didn't claim them, and told police they didn't know where they came from. So, police believe the coins may be stolen.

"They were in a very unique container, I don't want to say what it is right now, but the container was something I have never seen before," added Chief Walsh.

Turns out the coins don't have a lot of monetary value, but it's a collection that could take a lifetime to put together.

Newswatch 16 showed pictures of the collection to someone who knows a thing or two about foreign coins.

Carl Barbini of Mace Coin and Card Shop in Scranton said he often sees similar coin collections from veterans who served overseas. He said the collection Jessup Police found is one that probably has more sentimental value.

"They've seen the country, they've met the people, and every time they bring those coins home and years later when they look through them they will remember all this. To them it's a valuable coin, but when they bring it into us it's another one out of many," Barbini said.

They may not mean a big payday, but Jessup Police think the coins must have meant something to someone and are hoping they end up back in the right hands.


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