Hundreds of Bags of Heroin Found in Home

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SCRANTON — More than 800 bags of heroin was found in a home in Scranton.

Albert McCullough, 35, was arrested at his home along Alder Street Wednesday evening.

Authorities said along with the $16,000 worth of heroin, they found a gun, and hundreds of dollars in cash.

McCullogh is already on state and federal parole for drug violations. He was scheduled to be released in three days.



    I really wish people would actually read what was printed in this very short article. The man was on state and federal parole. There was a gun in the house. There was also ( now check on this people) several hundred dollars in cash found in the house along with (check this also) 800 bags of heroin worth (this is the part most of you didn’t read) $16,000. Now I am not defending the man because number one he’s a drug dealer that had 3 days left on parole. I hope he gets what he deserves. To many of our friends and families are being destroyed by this drug.

  • Peter Stone

    The problem is that the system is rigged to make people fail, I’m sure this man did not aspire to be a heroin dealer. A lot of the time people get caught up in drugs because they are depressed from be shoved around through this broken socioeconomic class system we uphold, where the poor are shamed for all the wrong reasons. When said person gets hit with a drug charge, instead of getting some much needed rehabilitation they get shamed and called “scumbags” and don’t get hired anywhere. Now they have to break the laws which are geared to make lower class people fail in order to survive. Drug Laws create viscous cycles and repeat offenders almost always and nobody asks why, its much easier to just call someone a “scumbag”.

    • DE

      Gimmee a break as I am sure there are no silver-spoons in mouth on this board. I know plenty of people, myself included, that grew up with nothing and made better out of our lives. As a matter of fact, this is STILL the best country in the world to make something of oneself. IF you’re willing to work hard for it! I also know many people that had done drugs and with God’s Grace overcame. That’s another key, God’s Grace, alot of these losers want nothing to do with God, or ANYTHING good for that matter other than an EZ way of things in addition to a handout!

  • JP

    Hope the State is smart enough to check to see if he is collecting from any State Funded Programs and cut him off for good. And he is a scumbag, for lack of a better term. He was given a chance, and he blew it. I wish there was a “D” penalty for drug dealers with only a 2 strike policy. One chance to get your life turnaround. This guy couldn’t even make it past his parole, pathetic.

      • Carol

        Ms., for lack of a better word, he’s a scumbag. More looker a dumba®@. He was on State AND Fed parole…and why?…. Drug violations. What can u possibly tell us about not knowing his circumstances? And don’t even say crap about him having a bad up bringing cuz alotta ppl did and the majority don’t do 1/2 of serious a crime as he did…state &fed charges? So please, since u came off as knowing the whole story n your reply to the gentleman who called him a scumbag (&he probably wanted too see a photo to c what her looks like since when he’s out of prison he’ll probably live n area & go back too what her knows best!) He don’t need a gun unless her has 800damn packs of heroin and $16,000 n his place! He new he was on state AND fed parole. Yah, the mad amount of $ he made from DEALING DRUGS is great…..u think we should all do that? Alotta us don’t have jobs now?….&aren’t on parole! PLEASE, please give us done explanation as to y we don’t know y he did that. And if u had read da other comments, I think all had a negative comment….they just didn’t say “scumbag”

      • JRoMo

        You’re joking I hope. He’s a DRUG DEALER. That’s his real life situation. A criminal. A scumbag. He deserves every insult he receives. Good people working legitimate jobs have real world problems. This is a choice he made and now he will go back to jail. Another scumbag off the street. A stupid one at that.

      • DE

        That’s what one calls those who deal POISEN that kills people. And yes he is what we say he is, his FB page spells thus: U-B-E-R-L-O-S-E-R, not to mention that he is a perv-pig

  • Lori

    I agree if there wasn’t a demand it wouldn’t be here. But 3 days to walk off and your a free man. Why would u be so foolish??? Yes everybody needs to make money but…. Be smart people!!!! That’s not the south side I grew up in!!!!

    • Catherine

      I agree with your comment (although the South Side I grew up in is in line with the one we have today…..just not quite a bad!). It seems as if the Hill Section is the safer place to livre now! And I agree, he’s an a@& for dealing (& such a massive quantity 3 days b4 his parole was 2end…. But–not in his defense, that’s what he was on parole on. And I agree with him being losing the parole (…3 DAYS b4 being free, as well as being in that lifestyle…..i.e., getting his$$ mad$$ instead off getting a job, outer even welfare!!).

    • Catherine

      Apologies for the grammar errors. I’m am educated professional but I didn’t proofread. I agree he’s an a#@ 4 being arrested 4 this 3DAYS b4 being free, but something tells me he’d continue his criminal activity 4EASY/SO MUCH EASY $$, that he’d end up arrested soon. That’s a slap in the face to all of us hard working ppl that aren’t on welfare/SSI who work, esp with the $16,000 he had (not too mention all the $$$ he’d get from sales of all that heroin!). But you’re comment was so accurate! Take care.

  • joe schmoe

    Well, there’s 800 people really upset today. Provided they only buy 1 bag! If there wasn’t a demand for it, they wouldn’t sell here.

    • DE

      If he is lucky enough to get judge christylee he will skippety-doo-dah out of prison after an afternoon nap.

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