Decapitated Birds Found Outside Brodheadsville Church

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BRODHEADSVILLE – It was a gruesome find for workers at a church in Brodheadsville. Decapitated birds stuffed in plastic bags were placed by two doors outside the Zion United Lutheran Church along Route 209.

Easter flowers bloom outside the Zion United Lutheran Church in Brodheadsville just feet away from where workers stumbled across a disturbing find.

Church secretary Margaret Seligman says she and a cleaning worker stumbled upon a plastic bag of decapitated birds last week just off Route 209.

"Yeah, it was very strange and we were both just disgusted. Why would anybody do that, why would they leave it here?” asked Margaret Seligman.

They called state police, not knowing just around the church near the front door was yet another bag of birds.

"I walked around the building and found another bag in the very front of the church, wedged between the siding and the bench that's in the front,” said Seligman.

In total, six headless birds were found.

Pastor Ann Merlot says she can’t understand if this gruesome discovery was someone trying to send a message or not.

"If they were it certainly wasn't very clear because I can't imagine what somebody would be trying to say by doing something like that,” said Pastor Ann Merlot.

The decapitated birds were found in generic plastic bags, the handles tied off in knots. Now workers at the church say they're taking extra precautions.

"We're being more cautious around the buildings, especially when people are by themselves going into the church building or the parish hall,” said Pastor Merlot.

The pastor is also looking into getting remote cameras installed, but for now he's just glad no more dead animals have shown up on the church’s doorstep and Easter was able to be celebrated without a hitch.

State police are filing this as a harassment incident and are asking anyone with information regarding the decapitated birds to give them a call.