Clinton County Veterans Pose for a Picture

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LOCK HAVEN -- Part of the celebration for Clinton County's 175th anniversary was a gathering of all the county's veterans. Around 150 veterans gathered on the steps of the Clinton County Courthouse in Lock Haven on Wednesday.

"A lot of smiling faces. Still a lot of smiling," Charles Klobe said.

The veterans served in different wars over different decades.The youngest vets are in their 20s, and some of these World War II veterans are in their 90s.

But they were all at the courthouse for the same reason: to pose together for a picture Ato celebrate Clinton County's 175th anniversary.

"I think we'll trade a little bit of experience here and there," Klobe said.

The idea for the picture came from another photo: a picture of Clinton County Civil War veterans from 1898.

The Director of Veterans Affairs for the county says his office wanted to recreate the picture. But gathering 150 veterans was no easy task.

"We put it in the newspaper, it's been online. Anybody who comes in the office, we tell them. I've been to all the local clubs, legions, VFWs," Bill Bechdel said.

Chester Pribble is one of several World War II veterans who participated in the photo-op.

"The youngest ones for WWII are now in their late 80s. I'll be 90 soon," Pribble said.

"It's great to see guys get together for stuff like this. I'm proud," Michael Frantz said.

At age 27, Michael Frantz is one of the youngest veterans here.

"My grandfather's here. My father would be here but he's sick at the moment," Frantz said.

And now, April 23, 2014 will be remembered forever in Clinton County through this picture.

"Everybody made it. That's it. A lot of them made it," Bechdel said.

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