Volunteers Needed!

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BLOOMSBURG -- Bloomsburg's popular playground Kidsburg was destroyed and had to be torn down after the flood of 2011.

That disappointed many children and their families, including Melissa Furuglyas and her nephew Connor.

"He loved it. He would just run all around, hang out with all the other kids. It was really good for him socially," Furuglyas said.

But Kidsburg will stand once again, this time on higher ground, across the street from where the original playground stood.

About two years ago, a group formed to rebuild the playground. Organizer Deb Huckens says the pre-build is scheduled for this weekend.

That means all the prep work will be done, such as digging holes and laying out the materials.

"Holes will be drilled in the ground and stakes will be put on top of that," Huckens said.

Huckens says the group needs about 100 volunteers for this weekend's pre-build. So far only around 20 people signed up. Huckens says if more people don't sign up, the project will be delayed.

"If we don't pre-build the playground, we can't build it the next week," Huckens said.

Huckens says the group is in desperate need of volunteers to help this Friday, Saturday or Sunday. The group also needs about 500 additional volunteers to help with the actual rebuilding of Kidsburg next Wednesday, April 30 through Sunday, May 4.

"This is designed as a community build and we absolutely need people to help us. There's no question about it," Huckens said.

If enough people volunteer and Mother Nature cooperates, Kidsburg will be rebuilt in less than two weeks.

That is good news for people excited about a new playground.

"He always asks to go to the park. It's his favorite place to be. I'm definitely going to bring him here. I can't wait," Furuglyas said.

Organizers say you do not have to be a skilled laborer to volunteer; there will be plenty to do. You must be 18 or older. And food and childcare will be provided.

If you are interested in signing up to volunteer to rebuild Kidsburg, click here.