Tough Season for Those With Allergies

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LUZERNE COUNTY--This past winter is one that a lot of people want to forget across the area... from the snowstorms, to the below freezing temperatures, many people wondered if Spring would ever arrive.

Now with the Spring thaw pollen levels are high causing headaches for many allergy sufferers.

"I'm feeling somewhat disturbed. When I feel that I really can't breathe, I take Allegra and that seems to settle me down," Alice Kwiatowski of Hanover Township said.

Over the counter medications like Allegra are in full stock at Pierce Drugs in Kingston.

The store's pharmacist says a lot of people are hurting this allergy season.

"We've noticed that there has been a high instance of people coming earlier this year than previous years because the allergy season has hit earlier this year," pharmacist Bradley Kessler said.

After the long, cold winter a lot of people are happy to finally see some signs of Spring here in Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania.

But doctors Newswatch 16 talked to say budding plants and trees are actually the reason those with allergies are suffering.

"Everything is definitely budding like crazy and the allergy season seems to be longer and longer," Dr. David Barras of Valley ENT Sinus and Allergy said.

Dr. David Barras is an ear, nose, throat specialist and says just like flu season it's hard to predict how bad and how long a season will last.

But he does have an outlook for those wondering when they'll get some relief.

"For people with sever allergies who are allergic to multiple pollens that are troublesome they're not going to get a break until winter or early fall," Dr. Barras said.

To find out the pollen forecast for your area you can look at this website.