Scranton Police Cite Eight After Street Fight

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Scranton police say 8 people were cited for disorderly conduct after a fight broke out on a street in the city`s Westside.

It happened in the middle of the afternoon Tuesday near the West Scranton Little League Field.

Scranton police say they rounded up eight people on Oxford Street after a fight broke out on the city`s Westside right in the middle of the afternoon.

When officers arrived at the fight here at the West Scranton Little League Field, the group fled but most were caught and cited for disorderly conduct.

Robin Trager lives across the street and says there are always problems around the field.

“Drug activity in the area, often times we`ll see people sitting here and it looks like they`re making deals. I don`t know,” said Trager.

Scranton police say roughly 10 to 12 people ended up on Oxford Street, fighting after a group of people came to this house on nearby Lincoln Avenue, seeking retaliation for an earlier incident.

“What we`re getting from the interviews we`re doing is that it was the result of an incident regarding a damaged vehicle that occurred on Friday night,” said Scranton Police Chief Carl Graziano.

Scranton Mayor Bill Courtright says when he heard about the commotion, he went to the scene to see what was happening.

“I`m always concerned when we have something of this nature, I think they`re still sorting out what happened,” said Courtright. “When I got there they were just interviewing some people, questioning some people.”

Police believe only one person was injured after being hit by a thrown baseball bat but that victim was among those who ran away.

“I don`t know what they can do about it, there`s only so many people on the police force,” said Trager.


  • E

    Karma has come to the people of Scranton. And karma doesn’t always arrive in the form you would expect, sometimes it is being forced to live next to dark skinned people from another land that you believe are beneath you. I guess that the proud, entitled, as*hole Italian/Irish Catholic citizens of this area should have treated people a little better. Oh well way too late for that now. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    • jellystoneranger

      What has Karma got to do about anything ? Is it too much to ask that your new neighbor isn’t a criminal ? The one that got into this country illegally ? The same one that exists off the hard work and taxes paid by decent law abiding citizens.? By the way. We already have enough leeches sucking off the government that are homegrown we certainly don’t need any imported . I don’t want to hear any BS about these people escaping from the hell holes they came from justifying their being here. Overthrow your government . We did over two hundred years ago and a lot of brave people sacrificed for that freedom. The trouble is you don’t have enough intelligent , brave people to organize a revolt. You come here and break the laws because you come from lawless cultures . When I start seeing lines of dark skinned people ahead of me in the grocery line paying for their grocery cart with their own hard earned money then and only then will I change my mind Karma !

  • Fed Up

    Is anyone really sureprised about all the drug activity there? Look down the road and what do you see? A housing project full of people who don’t work but somehow always seem to have money for the newest iPhone, cigarettes and alcohol..almost all on our dime.

  • Michelle Lena McBride

    wow thats sad to see all these raciest slurs in these comments smdh… really where do you and your racial background really come from… unless you native american you all look like big hypicrites .. hahahahhahah and it the white follks who origianlly came and rob this country in the first place huh??????? come on now all you want to give your raciest opinions ….. and this my dear we are the people… is coming from a italian/irish background but ok i guess im a all american since i was born and raised in this wonderful country of so called freedom and blessed by God… hahahah yes in God we trust rite… please dont make me laugh… first off how is God going to bless something that was stolen and then build it all under his name hahahhhahaahha and the way its going i am pretty sure he has turn his face on us being this county has seem to turn thier face on him and taken him out of basically everything…. and who are yous to say who owns scranton.. ooooooooooooooooo pleeeeeeeeease 70% of white folks are collecting welfare … you really need to do your research and lmaoo all those mexicans and so forth you are downgrading so bad are the ones who are picking all your cotton fruits and veggies and so much more hard labor for such lil pay from us so called we the people …please you all need to really check yourself and also do your research …..SHAME ON YOU … ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO CLAIM THEY LOVE AND WORSHIP GOD!!!!

    • jellystoneranger

      OK Michelle . Time to put down the bottle and stop typing . You are obviously not one of the top 10% of your class when it comes to history. The difference between now and 100 years ago is people didn’t get into this country illegally nearly as much as now . Sure there were people smuggled in but the vast majority came through Ellis Island. Many were quarantined for months. They either had to have a job waiting for them or a family to take them in. They were documented legally. There was no welfare system back then. Now the Democrats give them tax breaks , housing, debit cards and the ability to come in here and peddle drugs, steal and murder and basically bring their third world culture to our country. You need to be more informed then what case of beer is on sale this weekend ! A history lesson on Indians ….. they often attacked other tribes and killed all the men and took the women to effectively make that culture extinct. The Indians very rarely acted as a collective against the white settlers because they hated each other just as much if not more then the settlers. The Indian culture of raiding and killing each other existed long before the white man hit the shores of this country.

      Another thing about Indians , the Democrats funnel billions of dollars to these reservations each year.You obviously have a boyfriend from the Dominican Republic or you wouldn’t be ranting like you did. Are you waiting for his release from prison so you can marry him and make him a US citizen?

  • tom

    our area never had these problems until all these clowns came to this country-the Feds were rounding up cattle with a helicopter in Tex.Why don’t they use it to round up these people and send them packing back to where they came from.

  • jim

    Lots of free time on these boys hands. Video games, porngrphy, bein disrespected by them people that WORK fo a living, couple of kids with this one here and that chick down the road……puts a lotta pressure on a fella and on his wallet.
    The answer is a bigger welfare check, an extra access card for fun stuff, and more WIC food to all of the street fighters. Peace out !

  • jellystoneranger

    Hey Mayor . This is an example of your liberal Democrat party you belong to allowing these people to freely come into this country with their third world mentality. And your party wants to make all of these scumbags legalized citizens ! You are now the mayor of Central America and growing every year leaps and bounds . Your party has gotten into bed with the Devil . The Democrat playbook is to give all these illegal aliens citizenship so they can all vote Democrat and win every election keeping a handful of Democrat elites in power . You and your fellow traitors are selling out this country. The day of reckoning is coming . The gun manufacturers in this country are selling weapons at an alarming rate because of your Democrat party destroying the fabric of this country. The second coming of 1776 is not far off .

  • josie

    Where do these people think they’re living? This is Scranton! Not Columbia! Not mexico! This kind of behavior should get these guys a free trip to the center of hostile crime infested country and let them make it out alive!

  • SteveL

    I wonder if Brandon Walsh had to call Steve Sanders and Dylan McKay to have his back in the brawl. West Beverly rules!

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