Police Investigating West Side Fight

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SCRANTON -- Police took six people into custody Monday afternoon, six out of a suspected 20 people who were fighting with baseball bats in a west Scranton neighborhood.

That fight started on Lincoln Avenue. When police showed up, that crowd of about 20 people scattered and officers caught up with some of them in a baseball field on Oxford Street.

Police believe the fight between two groups was retaliation for another fight over the weekend.

It was the sheer number of Scranton police cars, about 10 in all, that startled neighbors on Oxford Street and South 9th Avenue the most. Before officers arrived they didn't know what was going on out on the street.

Officers stopped the group believed to be part of a larger group that fled from a fight a few blocks away.

"The one girl was being belligerent over here, then four more pulled up and me and my friend were out here watching it all," explained Brandon Walsh of Scranton.

Neighbors watched as police put six people in handcuffs and separated them into different police cars.

They were taken to police headquarters to be interviewed. Initially, some suspects told officers the fight stemmed from another on Saturday night.

"It's getting worse and worse in Scranton, real bad."

Police believe the fight started on Lincoln Avenue.  One group, armed with baseball bats, tried to get into a home.

A maintenance worker at All Saints Academy across the street says he noticed three people with baseball bats walk past the school. And then police arrived, and when he walked outside everyone had scattered.

Police turned up only one baseball bat and not much information. Only one victim was willing to cooperate with officers.

"Right now we're only surmising from what we've heard that there may have been an incident Saturday night involving two groups of individuals and we believe the same two groups were involved this afternoon," said Scranton Police Capt. Glenn Thomas.

Scranton police say they filed disorderly conduct charges against the six people they took into custody Tuesday along with two other people.

As far as officers know, no one was seriously injured but they say they may file assault charges against some of the people involved.


  • J Boy

    I don’t know what’s worse, a bunch of kids fighting with bats or some of the comments on this article… get it together Scranton

  • Leroy Jenkins

    What time was this fight? It must have been around noon, because all of the participants were on their lunch breaks from work, right? Or did they all take the day off from work? I’m confused.

  • jason

    So since the first comment is, its mayhem out there, i guess they are racist. Blackpollock is a perfect name. And why cry about the government? Because they took some of your foodstamp away? Lazy prick!

  • MPEnforcer

    Utopia? You are dumb. Please understand the definition of utopia before saying something like that again. There is no “utopia” going to be built on coal mines. And the fact that scrantons police force has been downsized and their budgets cut and the city keeps attacking the city force as well as local municipals, you can expect this type of behavior. I am entirely I favor of strict martial law, and utilizing the National Guard to enforce law and to govern the streets. We can’t limit ourselves anymore. It’s great to have the rights and freedoms, but if you take advantage of them you defeat the purpose. Power before people, not people before power! Solving the epidemic and beating the bad guys!!

  • Silent Majority

    We need some vigilante justice in Scranton. The cops are utterly useless and the poverty has brought about the wretched scum. This city needs to be burned and rebuild into a Utopia. I’d do it myself if it weren’t for the legal . repercussions of serving justice without due process. We need economic stability to bring about social order.

    • DE

      …or NYC, and these days seems Scranton is worse than both! The mayor needs to bring down the hammer and hard…

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