PSP Lifts “Shelter in Place” Order
State Police Tip Line: 1 (866) 326-7256

Marathon Runners Return Home

WILKES-BARRE — The latest Boston Marathon is history and Tuesday some runners are a bit sore but yet thrilled with the experience.

Three Boston Marathon runners from Schuylkill County stopped in Wilkes-Barre to share their thoughts.

They were among the 10,000 athletes who ran the course.

One year ago the marathon was marred by two bombings near the finish line.

The three women from Schuylkill County, including Sandi Bergan of Pottsville, said this year overall they felt safe.

“There were police and military police everywhere, there were barricades and helicopters circling around each town, we didn’t think about it at all, we were a little anxious on the way up but when we saw what was there we felt very safe,” Bergan explained.

Jennifer Burgess said she ran because it was a matter of principle.

“On the subway in the streets everyone had a sense of pride and reclaiming Boston and the good guys won.”

The runners explained it’s hard to describe the emotions of running the Boston Marathon.

“The towns, the real small towns, they shut the schools down for Patriot Day. Most people don’t have work that day so people just line the streets from Boston and it is amazing,” Jenn Terefencko of Pottsville said.

Sandi Bergan and her friends agree the Boston course is rough.

“I think I’m done. Boston’s course is pretty tough. It kicked my butt, coming off of an injury. We’ll have to see,” Bergan said.

The mayor of Pottsville said at the next council meeting he will recognize and honor the Boston Marathon runners from the city.


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