Body of Woman Missing Five Months Identified


RANSOM TOWNSHIP — Investigators have identified the body of a woman found dead in a pond in Lackawanna County.

Police say the body of Diane Zavislak, 56, of Truckville in Luzerne County was found over the weekend in a pond in Ransom Township near Clarks Summit.

Zavislak had been missing since last November.

An autopsy could not reveal how she died or how long she had been dead.


  • kat

    why is peggy lee so unfriendly? I saw her twice in the last few years and attempted to just say ‘hello’ nothing more and she has a mean look that says get away. shame. Just saw her in giant foods a week ago.

  • Eugene B.

    She looks like the “Nature” type, probably one of those new agers that wanted to get in touch with mother nature

    • Yesenia

      Never mind. I saw the picture on the FB page. When I read articles on my phone, I opted to read without pictures.

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