Bags of Decapitated Birds Found Near Church Entrance


BRODHEADSVILLE — State police in Monroe County are investigating a gruesome discovery at a church.

State troopers said, last week, someone at Zion Lutheran Church in Brodheadsville found three bags of decapitated birds near the church’s entrance.

Authorities believe the birds were put there sometime between last Wednesday and Thursday.

Anyone with information is asked to contact State Police at Fernridge at 570-646-2271.


  • Brian

    UGH This area, I swear! You all seriously ate paint chips didn’t you?! If it’s not this, it’s killing a donkey or “goth kittens” with a side of double homicide. Or touching little kids, see those cases at least once a week. Everybody is an opinionated alcoholic who could care less what their little scum-bag kid is doing! The woman look like burlap sacks!
    I seriously believe there was a side effect to all that coal miming! This place makes me sick!

    • DE

      It is disturbing isn’t it? All I hear is about how all the dirt comes in from the city and does bad things and brings drugs etc..90% of the stuff we hear is all home grown!

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