Baby Death Labeled Homicide

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NANTICOKE -- The Luzerne County coroner's office now confirms the death of a baby found in a home in Nanticoke in February is a case of homicide.

Police responded to the home along East Noble Street and found 2-month-old Jaxon Eckrote dead.

The coroner has now ruled the death ruled homicide by asphyxiation.

Jaxon Eckrote died on Valentine's Day. At the time, authorities said they were waiting for toxicology reports to figure out how the baby boy died.

Nanticoke police say the unresponsive baby was found inside an apartment in the rear of East Noble Street.

All of the court documents and search warrants in this case have been sealed.

An obituary says Jaxon lived with his parents, two sisters, and a brother.

Authorities would not indicate if this infant death is believed to be a criminal case or an accident. They said the case remains open.

jaxon eckrote baby death


  • Jenna

    Everyone should read the obituary his older sister wrote. I know his older sister very well and having Jaxon in their lives was a blessing. She loved that child more than her own life and anyone can tell that just by looking at her facebook or instagram. Their family is a good family.

  • Marla Areza

    The Dad was at work..the scumbag mother is Tracy Goodman .she thought she was a big shot in high school…from what I hear the baby’s dad loved him so much…and was at work when baby died… that’s the word in town

  • MamaK

    Hey, news writer. Homicide = MURDER, Not accident !! Do you just write things a certain way to catch people’s attention ??
    RIP Precious little guy. : (

  • Margaret

    Anyone that kills a baby or a child shold automatically get the death penelty. Who can kill an innocent baby or child? What is this planet coming to.

  • becky

    You people are writing all these comments about these parents and you don’t even know them they are good parents and he other child is well taken care of so keep your comments to yourselves when you don’t know all the facts

    • Tom R

      Sorry, Becky, but this is an open forum on a news website. You have NO right to tell other people what they can or cannot comment on. We still live in America, and have EVERY right to our own opinions.

    • DE

      Um, can’t you read? They ruled the death a homocide, which means he was murdered. Cabish? And it IS a public open news forum website. WNEP has a comment section so people can voice their thoughts and opnions. Just like you. Just like me. And you know what they say about opinions right?

  • tina

    The whole story is not out yet on exactly what happened. I understand the coroner’s ruling of homicide but I think everyone is judging before you have all the facts.

  • Hope Schlegel

    If you can’t handle or don’t want the child give it there is a thing called safe haven no questions asked. Don’t understand how anyone could do such a thing.

    • Erin

      Only if you live in a state with a safe haven law. As far as I know, North Dakota, where I live, doesn’t have such a thing and I’m not sure any state around us does either. But then again we’re usually decent enough to not get pregnant if we don’t want a child or if we do get pregnant, its taken care of one way or the other, I.e. raising the child, abortion, or adoption.

  • cherise pokorny

    Absolutely disgusting! ! These poor children dying at the hands of those who are supposed to love them. Some people really need to b e “fixed”.! My husband and I tried to get pregnant for years. We turned to adoption and have been blessed with a little boy. If you cant handle the stress of a child then give them to a family that can and will!

  • joe schmoe

    I’m so sorry baby. Maybe this is better for you than to be raised by the beasts you had as parents. So sad. How could anyone do this to a baby????? Why?!?!?! Scum.

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