Thief Hits Animal Shelter Construction Site

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BURLINGTON TOWNSHIP-- Sitting on a hill just outside Towanda is a building that 10 years ago was only a dream.

The Happy Tails No Kill Animal Shelter has been in the works for a decade. Founders picture a haven where animals would not have to be put down.

Board president Karen Friedenberg says, "We would put animals down if they were suffering or too dangerous for society, but never for lack of space."

It will be about a year before the shelter is ready for animals, and donations keep coming in, but not everyone has been charitable. Friday, the board discovered someone stole hundreds of dollars worth of hardware and lumber from the building that is finally under construction.

Friedenberg says, "Have you ever held bake sales, golf tournaments, this sort of thing, and then had someone take it away from you?"

At the Third Ward playground in Towanda, people were surprised, saying that normally it is a community where doors can be left unlocked.

Megan Palmer says, "I don't understand why people would steal from anyone, let alone an animal shelter."

Board president Karen Friedenburg says losing the materials is bad, but what it means is worse. "Someone, probably from our community has targeted us."

Board members say they are working on ways to improve security at the construction site.

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