Show of Support for Mail Carrier Who Died After Fire

WILKES-BARRE – Mail carriers and other postal workers showed their support for a colleague who died after a house fire, at a memorial service on Monday.

Services were held at a Morris Funeral Home on North Main Street in Wilkes-Barre for Laurie Merritt.

Authorities said Merritt died from carbon monoxide poisoning last week after a fire at her home on Wyoming Street.

A state police fire marshal and city investigators are still trying to figure out what sparked the fire, and why Merritt was in the attic of her home shortly before midnight.

United States Postal Service officials told Newswatch 16 that Merritt had been a mail carrier for more than 13 years, on a route that went by her home, as well as her parents’ house a few doors down.

Coworkers said they hope other postal workers and people on Merritt’s delivery route will show their support, by making donations to a trust fund for her two children.

"All 200 of us love her deeply. There`s probably more, thousands of people, that she`s been on routes throughout her life that love her equally as much,” said Davienne Piatt. "That mother spirit came with her every day to work. When any of us had a problem that we were working through, she had an ear to lend and a shoulder to cry on. She was a remarkable woman.”

CLICK HERE for information to make donations.


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