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Potholes Getting More Permanent Repairs

CLARKS SUMMIT — Some joke that Pennsylvania has only two seasons:  winter and construction.

Well, this construction season is starting, repairing damage done by the long, cold winter.

A PennDOT crew was filling potholes along Route 6 and 11 near Dalton, and not just those temporary repairs we’ve seen the last couple months.

“It’s great, it will help the cars.  I had a busted rim and a bubble in my tire, so it’s great,” said Cassandra Fitzsimmons of Dalton.

Drivers we talked with are thrilled seeing rough roads get a little smoother.

These are more long lasting repairs.  This is hot asphalt which is tough to find during the cold winter months. PennDOT uses the temporary “cold patch” then.

“They put that stuff in and it washes out or goes away, that easy stuff,” said Judy Champlin of Dalton.

She got a flat tire from a pothole this winter and is happy to see the more permanent repairs underway.

“I think the roads are worse than they’ve ever been, everywhere.”

The warmer weather means paving projects can also begin, including a project along Route 407 in the Clarks Summit area starting Tuesday.  That project is going to mean a traffic mess at a busy intersection with Routes 6 and 11.

“It’s going to be congested pretty badly, yeah,” said Brian Petula.

PennDOT expects Route 407 to be closed for the next couple of weeks for paving fromRoutes 6 and 11 to Grove Street in Clarks Green. This is right off Interstate 81 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike and there will be lane restrictions coming off those highways, too.

Drivers like Brian Petula say they’ll deal with the delays.

“Short term inconvenience for long term benefit for everybody.  I’ve never seen so many friends that have blown tires and damaged their cars on the roads in the condition they’re in. They need to fix them.”

PennDOT is asking drivers to try to avoid the Route 407 area starting Tuesday.

PennDOT also says you should expect to see crews patching potholes on roads all over the area in the weeks to come.


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