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Old Forge Students in School for Easter Monday

OLD FORGE — After the rough winter we had, school administrators all over our area were forced to re-vamp the traditional long weekend for the Easter holiday.

Like in the Old Forge School District where eighth graders learning about civics got a lesson straight from the source. Congressman Matt Cartwright stopped by for an assembly Monday afternoon.

A treat they wouldn’t have had if they were off, as they typically are, on the day after Easter. But too many treats, chocolate eggs perhaps, made it tough for some students to stay alert.

When the snow days started to pile up, administrators decided to open on Easter Monday. Old Forge is one of only a few districts in Lackawanna County to hold classes.

The school calendar in Old Forge was especially tight, since teachers went out on strike for a few days in December.

“It’s been a challenge, and it’s my understanding that when the calendar was put together they wanted students to graduate as early as they could in June. And obviously, with those challenges in front of us, with the weather issues, June 27 is the last student day,” said Old Forge Superintendent John Rushefski.

Rushefski said it wasn’t too much of an inconvenience for families since the school had 90 percent attendance Monday.

Students said the inconvenience isn’t making up the days, it’s making up all the work too.

“The PSSAs and then the Keystones, it’s a lot to keep catching up,” said eighth grader Ashley Bound.

“Now we’re just taking the ball and running with it, flying. But I’m staying on my feet as best I can, and I think my peers are as well,” added eighth grader Mike Cinamella.

Students in the Old Forge School District are full steam ahead until the last day of school on June 27.


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