Main Street Still a Mess, Another Project Planned

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HONESDALE -- If you've driven down Main Street in Honesdale recently, chances are you felt it.

The busy street has been a bumpy ride thanks to a utility project that's wrapping up. But now another one's expected to start.

Warmer weather means crews are back out on Main Street. Over the past year, the gas company installed a new gas main and is on the hook for repairing the street.

Only thing is, more headaches are on the way for drivers and businesses all because another project is down the road.

Folks in Honesdale have gotten used to seeing construction crews on Main Street.

They've dodged holes in the road and waited for the day when the busy street through the borough will be made whole again.

"It's a nightmare, it really is, it's terrible," said Nancy Ellis who works at Sonny's Bar and Grill. "I think it should be repaved. Stop digging it up."

UGI Utilities carved up routes 6 and 191 that make up Main Street in order to install a new gas main, winter took its toll and only now can the gas company begin to fix the street..

Weather permitting, contractors should start smoothing out half of the street in a couple of days, according to a spokesperson for UGI. For some, it's too little, too late.

"All this should have been taken care of, done with, it's a lot of slacking off," said Kris Dowling of Honesdale.

Drivers have put up with man-made potholes all winter-long. A temporary fix is in the works, only until the water company tears up the other side of the street to install a water main. Only after that will the entire Main Street be back to normal.

"It's been tough, been a long several years in downtown Honesdale. We've had one project after another on Main Street," said Wayne Stephens of Stephens Pharmacy.

Business owners have no other option but to be optimistic after putting up with Main Street down to one lane, parking issues and an overall sense that people don't want to come through here.

Just one more project on Main Street and then the whole thing should be paved.

"It has to be ok, we have to help people get into our businesses," said Stephens. "Hopefully after they get the other side done then that'll be it for many years to come. It's progress."

PennDOT officials said the water company still has to get a permit to replace the water main on Main Street. There's no timetable on that right now. However, PennDOT said the two utilities will share the cost of the final repair work.