House Arrest For Theft From Youth Football Group

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WILKES-BARRE — The former president of a youth football league in Luzerne County was sentenced Monday for stealing from the organization.

Mary Kramer of Shickshinny received six months house arrest and was ordered to pay back over $15,000 to the Northwest Area Junior Football League.

Kramer pleaded guilty to theft in February.

Police say she wrote checks to herself from the league’s uniform account.


  • jellystoneranger

    Let me ask the Judge this question . Grand theft gets house arrest ? Why because you know someone who knows someone who knows this woman ? I have more respect for the thief who robs the bank then I do for the thief who is entrusted to guard a youth organization funds. Second question . What in God’s name is at least $15k doing in a youth football account. Are you going to the Superbowl ? Building a field somewhere or just building up the kitty so it can be skimmed off the top every once in awhile ? All the youth leagues with many thousands of dollars invite the unscrupulous among us to abscond with vacation money, PoconoDowns play money etc etc. Third question . Most organizations have figured out the old two or three signatures and even in person signatures on deposits or withdrawals . And my last observation . The reason this happens ALL the TIME is that idiots are in charge ALL THE TIME !

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