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Crumbling Concrete Closes Parking Garage

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SCRANTON -- A chunk of concrete that broke free from a parking garage ceiling is sending ripple effects throughout downtown Scranton.

One parking garage will be closed Tuesday and maybe longer, which may present a problem for folks who live and work around Courthouse Square.

The Scranton Parking Authority says a piece of concrete, about two or three feet wide, came loose in the middle of rush hour on Thursday. Officials closed down most of the Linden Street Garage on Monday for safety reasons and no one will be able to park there on Tuesday.

Folks who work in downtown Scranton fear that will throw off the morning rush hour for everyone.

The parking garage on one of downtown Scranton's busiest corners is usually a very busy place, but the Linden Street Garage that fits nearly 800 cars will remain closed at least until Wednesday after a piece of its concrete came loose.

Officials with the Scranton Parking Authority say no one was hurt when the concrete on the exit ramp fell but someone could have been, so engineers will check the whole garage for weak spots.

"I'd like to look into the future and hope if they fix it now, it will be something that will make it a better garage in the future," said Bill Sheakoski.

Sheakoski's business, Pizza by Pappas, is in the Linden Street Garage building. He says most of his customers park on the street, so his concern is for him, his employees, and everyone else who works on Courthouse Square and needs a garage spot to park.

"I think it's going to be a problem for some people because especially when they bring things like juries in and stuff, I'll notice they're usually up to the second or third floor," Sheakoski said.

With all of the floors of the Linden Street Garage closed, that left the Lackawanna County Courthouse staff scrambling to find places for jurors to park.

Courthouse staff told Newswatch 16 they tried their best to tell the jurors who need to report this week to leave extra travel time and to park in a garage on Adams Avenue next to the Hilton instead.

Employees at the hotel worry the shift of garages may leave their guests without a spot and make the employees late for work.

"With the light being extra-long and getting around the block and parking somewhere else and just getting to work on time, it definitely could be, it could cause a little confusion," said Cherisse Peaten, a worker at the Hilton.

Officials with the Scranton Parking Authority say they will have a better idea of how long the garage on Linden Street will be closed by Tuesday afternoon  after engineers come through and check or any other loose pieces of concrete.


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    another example of our country’s infrasructure.For some reason-people in charge think things last forever.the clowns in charge are probably concerned with their bamk accounts lasting forever.

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